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Spring Outdoor Projects | Porch Swing Redo

In Georgia, beside a short stint of rainy days, the weather has been GLORIOUS!  Not too hot, not too cold – perfect weather for enjoying the outdoors!  Its also great weather for tackling those outdoor home projects!  My hubby has been working on  several this past few weeks: pressure washing the house, painting the columns […]

Fun Fall DIY: Candy Corn Pumpkin

Fall is finally here. To my family, fall means the holidays begin: Yom Kippur, Sukkot {also known as Feast of Tabernacles}, Thanksgiving, not to mention the birthdays in our family, and lots of fun and casual family and friends coming over for food and fellowship now that the weather is cooling off.  My favorite part […]

Room Refresh – Clean, Purge, Repurpose, and Decorate

I think you can safely say nesting has commenced. I’ve been cleaning a room at a time in my house…deep cleaning.  I’ve joked that I should have a new baby every few years to make sure my house gets the deep cleaning it needs. {Only joking for those concerned family members reading!}.  I’ve got a […]

DIY: Turn Cheap Chore Boots Into Cute Rainboots

Its spring! That means warmer weather, everything turning vibrant and green again, flowers blooming, and rain showers.  There is only one thing that makes rainy weather a GOOD thing for my two littles – puddles.  My kids {all kids?} love to jump in the rain puddles during and after a rain shower.  But, rain boots […]

Simple DIY Burlap Home Decor

Are your walls bare?  Need something cute to hang on the front door before all those guests arrive on Thanksgiving day? I’ve got a simple DIY solution that ANYONE can do and it won’t cost you a fortune like BUYING fancy wall art will. I found these awesome burlap canvases at Walmart.  They come in […]

Kid Craft: Make You’re Own Wall Art Canvases

I am so excited about this little project.  It took us 1 afternoon and we had so much fun!  The cost for the canvas {DIY} was just $1.50! – To do the paint project, you’ll spend only $4 with tape & paint to spare for another project. Here’s what you’ll need a cheap 8×10 picture […]

How to Build an Outdoor Movie Screen

I’ve been wanting to host a backyard movie night/backyard theater for a long, long, long, LONG time.  I mean like as in while we were building our house.  I could envision it.  Problem was, I couldn’t AFFORD it.  After a little research, some help from my talented staff {hahaha!  not really…my mom, dad, and husband}, […]

Valentine’s Clay Heart Magnets and Necklaces

Judah and I had so much fun making these little clay hearts for gifts for our family members and friends this Valentine’s Day.  They are really quite simple to make.  We gave ourselves plenty of time and did them across several days – one day to make and bake the clay hearts, one day to […]

Crafty Upcycle: Valentine’s Card Banner ♥

I made a cute banner to hang for my Valentine’s Party {A family party with just my babes and hubby}.  I thought it turned out so cute and it only took me about a half hour to create.  So, I just had to share it with you! All you need is a deck of card […]

Organizing Kids Craft Supplies – No Longer Out of Control!

My kids and I have amassed a large collection of art supplies.  Obviously, from the picture above you can see that our organizational system (ie: a basket and a box) was not working so well.  The craft supplies were taking over my laundry room, I was tripping over them, and my 1 year old thinks […]

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