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Memorial Day Dessert : Strawberry Shortcake From Scratch

Memorial Day Weekend is next weekend. First off, I do not want to make light of why we have this holiday.  While it is likely a time you will enjoy having some time off with your family {since it is a national holiday weekend} and you’ll probably put some sort of dinner on the grill, […]

Grilled Nectarines and Plums with Almond Cream

I had a rare opportunity to meet Chopped Champion {the Grilling edition}, Chef Ernst Servantes.  He along with a team from Western helped to prepare our lunch while I was in Arkansas  with Walmart.  I picked up some pretty cool tips for grilling and smoking and learned about some new products available at Walmart. We recently […]

Carrot Cake Cream Pies

Today’s snack is AWESOME! It is a bunch of healthy ingredients that taste like CARROT CAKE.  Mmmm…. So good.  You know those Little Debbie Cakes that everyone has lovely memories of about enjoying them as a kid?  Yeah, me too.  Have you read the ingredients lately?  Yeah…me too. If you loved oatmeal cream pies these […]

Peach and Strawberry Napoleon

It is stone fruit season.  What is stone fruit, you ask.  Stone fruit is any fruit with a pit: peaches, plums, and cherries. So, right now you can find these fruits on sale as cheap as you’re going to, at your local grocery stores and farmers markets.  Buying fruit when it is in peak season […]

Blueberry & White Grape Popsicles – Easy Summer Time Treat

Mmmm…popsicles.  A lovely little childhood treat.  Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around popsicles my mom made for my brother and me.  I’ve shared a couple popsicle recipes on WholesomeMommy with you over the last few years and I’ve got another super simple, super healthy one that you can add to your repertoire.   These couldn’t be […]

Decadent Fudgy Brownies with Pistachios

My husband LOVES brownies.  It really is the way to his heart.  😉 So, when I was approached by SincerlyNuts.com, I new right away what I would use their pistachios for!  BROWNIES. Although brownies are a decadent, indulgent dessert, they actually have many health benefits when paired with pistachios.  {I’ve peaked your interest now, right?}.  I […]

Strawberry Eggrolls

I have an obsession with egg rolls.  They are the perfect little package.  I love to experiment with new fillings for egg roll wrappers.   They are delicious both savory and sweet.  I almost always keep a package of egg roll wrappers in my fridge.  I use them to put leftover bits of this or that […]

Dirt and Worms Cupcakes

A good friend of ours celebrated his 7th birthday a couple weeks ago.  And, to help him celebrate we threw a small party for him at our church.  I made these cupcakes and I thought they were just too cute not to share them with you.  They were super simple and I think they have […]

Recipe: Grape Salad

This dish is sooo easy, and great for lots of get togethers. I’ve had it at baby showers and also as a side dish along with soup. It can be served with a meal or as dessert! And, this is one “salad” everyone will love – even those picky “I don’t eat rabbit food” party […]

Stewed Cinnamon-Sugar Apples

This is a fall dish that I grew up eating as a child and it is as good to me now as it was then.  Simple and delicious! These apples are rich and velvety and no one can resist them!  And, just as I enjoyed them when I was little, my children absolutely love them […]

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