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Cookie Boxes for Giving in Two Days – a Plan of Action

This week my kiddos and I had fun baking and boxing cookies for some special friends. We took one afternoon to bake chocolate chip pecan, oatmeal scotchies, palmiers, blue velvet {I used this recipe but substituted blue}, sugar cookies, and fudgy brownie cookies. All of these cookies are simple enough that we made and baked […]

Enjoying Fall with a Nature Walk

If you have school children-aged children, are a crafter, or had a mother who was a sewer or crafter, you are probably familiar with the Fiskars brand of scissors. As a public school teacher, I bought MANY pairs of scissors for my students to use of the years and recommended the brand when parents were […]

DIY: Bow Holder for Eliana

Eliana and her one year old self has collected quite a nice bow collection.  Okay…okay.  Mom has amassed quite a bow collection for Eliana.  I can’t help it.  It is so much fun having a girl who you can dress in ruffles and bows.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like to make Judah look snazzy […]

Green Crafts in the Mail

If your kids will be stuck indoors for a couple more months and you have no idea what in the world you are going to do with them…I have a solution.  Are you feeling a little relieved already?  Green Kids Crafts, a mom owned and mom operated green company uses safe and sustainable materials to […]

Cool Boy Crafts!

I love giving (and getting) crafty gifts.  For one, it’s less stuff stacking up in the closet!  Its fun to do them together too!  I’m loving that Judah is finally old enough to try some of the craft projects out and I’ve yet to find a project he hasn’t loved!  But, this one where he […]

DIY: Festive Winter Wreath (A Tutorial)

I made a cute wreath to hang on my door this season.  I’m going to be totally up front and tell you that #1 – I am a perfectionist and LOVE to decorate. #2 – I AM BROKE!  I mean seriously.  So, while it was most definitely important to me for this wreath to look […]

DIY: Turn Fall Photos Into Party Favors

Last week my family celebrated Sukkot {Also known as Feast of Tabernacles} and I wanted something to hand out as a parting gift (I love party favors!).   I think these photo card -turned gift container fit the bill!  They have the sentiment that fit the occasion for my family – “Thankful for Everything Thankful for […]

DIY: Cute Crate Seats – a Cheap {and Easy} Seating Option

I am going back into the classroom after 3 years of being an early intervention program teacher (I went into other teacher’s classrooms and worked with small groups of students who were having difficulty in reading and/or math).  Ironically, I will be back in the old classroom I was in three years ago and I […]

Interactive FUN Calendar

I have been thinking about making this project for a very long time and I finally found the inspiration (and time *ahem*) to get started!  The original thought behind this calendar was I wanted to make every month, every week, every day…FUN and I wanted to give Judah (and soon Eliana) something to look forward […]

DIY: Girly Tulle Party Banner

My brother and his wife are having their first baby… very soon!  So, to celebrate I hosted a shower for them yesterday.  I’ve been busy cleaning my house from top to bottom and I’ve been working on getting all the details just right.  I’ll be sharing all the party details soon, but I wanted to […]

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