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Southern Style Creamed Corn

Are you ready for a recipe that is going to blow your mind? And by blow your mind, I mean at how easy this recipe is and the sheer magic of it. This recipe is my grandmothers and when she taught me to make it I was shocked as is everyone who watches her make […]

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The Sweetest Corn You’ll Ever Eat – Grilled Corn

I did a little experiment.   I bought some fresh corn from my local Walmart and I set out to grill it.  Then, I boiled a second batch of the exact same corn.  Do you know what we discovered?  The corn was exponentially better when we grilled it!  My theory is that when you boil it […]

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Sunday School: Why You Should Cut Out Processed Foods

Here are the reasons why my family cut processed foods…and why YOU should too. We are all just parents…people trying to find our way.  Heck, many of us are just trying to make it through the day.  Many households require two working adults and revolve around hectic work, school, extra-curricular, and church activities.  Just getting […]

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Mini Corn Cakes

This is one of my favorite “rustic” breads (meaning you can slap it together and you don’t have to wait on rising) to serve with soups or stews. These little cakes resemble pancakes but are made with some different ingredients. They have corn AND cornmeal in them, but taste very different than regular cornbread (which […]

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Sweet Summer Corn Soup

Its summer time and that means fresh corn is in season!  I love fresh corn on the cob and you can believe I will be taking full advantage of all the great fresh, local corn!  In fact, I made my first corn dish this week with some local corn I was able to pick up […]

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