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Fudgy Brownie Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

‘Tis the season for baking! I hate cold weather. The only thing redeeming about winter is that I can crank up my oven and make lots of delicious desserts and breads and not worry about heating the house up. In fact I WANT it to heat the house up!  And, besides that, itvfills the house […]

Reynold Parchment Paper Sheets – a Busy Bakers Dream Come True

Do you use Reynold’s Parchment Paper for baking? I have used parchment paper for LOTS of things: cookies, baking cakes, roasting veggies, baking fish – lots of things to keep the mess off the pan! It also provides a non-stick surface so that I don’t have to worry about losing half of that yummy fish! Over […]

Carrot Cake Cream Pies

Today’s snack is AWESOME! It is a bunch of healthy ingredients that taste like CARROT CAKE.  Mmmm…. So good.  You know those Little Debbie Cakes that everyone has lovely memories of about enjoying them as a kid?  Yeah, me too.  Have you read the ingredients lately?  Yeah…me too. If you loved oatmeal cream pies these […]

Valentine’s Day Baking Projects

My kiddos and I have had such a good time baking, decorating, and packaging up some Valentine’s goodies for our friends and for ourselves. 😉  Just yesterday my little had a great time decorating these heart cookies from this cookie kit I purchased at Walmart.  This kit has everything you need: 4 packages of icing, […]

Review & Give Away: Almondina

I recently had the opportunity to try {and share} Almondina biscuits.  They are a delightfully crunchy {and suprisingly healthful} cookie that is a great accompaniment to coffee or tea.  I took these little babies to Bible study and every raved about them. I’ve never had anything quite like them, so they are a bit hard […]

GingerBread Man Hide and Seek

Some of you may have already spent time during the holidays making gingerbread men (and women) with your kiddos during the holiday break.  BUT, if you didn’t no sweat!  It’s not too late.  Wintertime means staying inside – sometimes more than we would like!  But, it can mean more time for indoor projects – like […]

Children’s Snowman Party

A few weeks ago I hosted a snowman party for my son and some of his friends.  I thought it would be a fun way to get the kids together during the weeks they (and I) were off –  well, that an there’s the fact that I was looking for an excuse to host another […]

Cookie Pressin’

I am so glad it is winter and I can crank up my oven without worrying about heating the house up!  Actually, the warmth from the oven is a welcomed thing lately!  Brrr!  I’ve been baking cookies left and right and just the other weekend I hosted my very first Cookie Swap!  We had a […]

Meal Solution #7 – Cookies!

So this week, I’m mixing it up a bit.  I usually do a meal solution post every other Wednesday to share with you what is on sale at Walmart to make meal time fast – and then I give you my spin on it.  However, this week I’m doing things a little differently.  I’m not […]

Hosting A Cookie Swap

Congrats to Cheryl from The Lucky Ladybug & Marcie for winning the prize packs from Rubbermaid & Wilton! I’m hosting another party and this time it is a cookie swap!  I am having 8 ladies over to swap cookies for the holidays.  We are each baking a dozen cookies for each participant plus an extra […]

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