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Sunday School: How I Buy Fruits and Veggies Beyond the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

I’ve had a few people ask me about the fruits and veggies that I buy. Which veggies are most important to buy organic? What about the fruits and veggies that aren’t on the clean 15 list? Which is better to buy: organic or local? So, I’m hoping I can answer all these questions and some […]

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The New “Dirty Dozen” List is Released!

Have you seen the new “dirty dozen” list for the Environmental Working Group?  They have just released the 7th edition and not a minute too soon since we’re just getting into the months where fresh produce is at an abundance!! The EWG’s “Dirty Dozen” has new information on 53 fruits and vegetables collected from USDA […]

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Organic on a Budget: Scoring Cheap Fruits and Veggies

If you’re making the switch to more wholesome foods like my family has been doing, you may have realized a change in your budget. If you were buying tons of processed foods and take out, you might have seen that you’re spending less. But, more than likely, if you’ve been doing “pretty well” before, using […]

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Local or Organic?

There is a lot of talk about buying organic and buying local produce.  So which is better?  Which one should you be looking for/buying?  The short answer: both.  Read on for the longer answer, and to find out how to make it work in your household and in your area. :: Why buy local? What […]

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Organic AND Frugal? Can They Co-Exist?

As a new mom I’ve been thinking a lot about saving money so that I can stay home with my little one. As important as saving money is to me, I am also concerned with providing quality meals to my family. While we aren’t so strapped for cash yet that we are living on beans […]

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