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Chicken Enchilada Casserole

This recipe couldn’t be more simple – especially when using leftover chicken and pintos slow cooked in your crockpot. Just layer the ingredients and pop it in the oven while you run outside and play with your kids, catch up on a little light housework, or take a stress reducing walk. Whatever you decide to […]

REAL comfort food: Broccoli and Cheese Risotto

Broccoli and Cheese – the perfect combination. Some things just go together. But, if you’re looking to have a real comfort food treat, you MUST try this Broccoli and Cheese Risotto. If you’ve ever tried flavored rice in box {processed food with powdered cheese and LAWD only knows what else} forget all that…this is creamier, […]

REAL Food Copy Cat: Zuppa Tuscana – Olive Garden Copy Cat

This soup is garlicy goodness. I ate three bowls the first night and then had it for lunch the next day…it was that good. I found a bunch of Olive Garden copy cat recipes for this soup, but a lot of them had weird, unnecessary ingredients, or too much water {water = no flavor}.  So […]

Manly Meat and Potato Quiche

Quiche. Men think its lady food – too dainty and not nearly enough filling.  But, I’ve got a solution for that – fill that quiche will the things guys love – meat and potatoes, and maybe, just maybe, you can get your manly man to jump on board with this dish.  REAL food can be […]

REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget – Week 4 – Trouble Shooting

I’ve officially completed a month of REAL food on a food stamp budget meals and you’ve had access to them for a whole week.  During that time I’ve answered countless comments, questions, emails, and private messages.  AND I LOVE IT!   I want to thank you for all the feedback you’ve given me.  It has […]

Frugal Video Tip: Cutting Chicken Breasts to Get 2 portions from 1 Chicken Breast

If you’ve been following my REAL food on a Food Stamp Budget series, you should have your meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists all in hand. The first week, on Friday, I have a BBQ chicken breast dinner planned.  Now, boneless chicken breast can be pretty pricey, especially when you are buying organic or antibiotic […]

REAL food on a Food Stamp Budget – Week 3 check in

Well, week three is over AND the first month of meal plans, grocery lists, and recipe links are all complete. If you are subscriber here, you received the WHOLE bundle for absolutely FREE. It should have came as a newsletter straight to the email you provided.  I hope you enjoy the meal plans and it […]

REAL Frugal Food: Microwave Popcorn without the Chemicals

REAL food need not cost an arm and a leg. While some foods DO cost more, there are other foods that are actually CHEAPER. You just need to learn which foods are worth the extra money and which ones to skip. Popcorn is one of those foods that can actually be CHEAPER. While 90% of […]

REAL Food Fast: Oatmeal in the Microwave from Rolled Oats {Not Quick or Instant Oats}

I’ve been sharing several quick weekday breakfast with ya’ll and thought I share another go to breakfast for my kiddos {and myself}.  This is a building block recipe:  You need this one to make several other ones.   I make microwave oatmeal often but make it different by what I mix into it! The first […]

Clean Eating Street Food: Israeli Falafel

This recipe came about after some dear friends of ours invited us over for dinner.  Her mother was in town from Israel and was preparing a traditional Israeli meal for her homesick daughter and we were invited to enjoy the meal with them…what an honor!  My husband {being very picky at the time} was very […]

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