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Deep South “Dawg”

  It’s grilling weather and you can be sure we’ve already had our share of burgers and hotdogs around here.  Great for weeknights because they are super fast, perfect for weekends – especially when you’ll be entertaining a crowd.  I mean, is there ever a time when these two classics AREN’T awesome? Everybody has a […]

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Late July Chips and Wholly Guacamole – a Dynamic Duo + Give Away!!

Have you been reading about all the yummy things I pack in Judah’s lunchbox? Things like peanut butter and jelly roll ups, jam waffle-wiches, caramelized banana pancakes/sandwiches, and apple & peanut butter “sandwiches.” I’m going to take pictures {when I can remember to do so at 6:00 am!} and share them on here soon… I […]

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