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REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget – The Challenge Begins

Want to subscribe to the REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget Meal plans and grocery list with ALL the recipes included FOR FREE?  Here’s how: If you are on a computer visit the website: www.wholesomemommy.com and right at the top on the right hand side there is a box to insert your email into. […]

Sunday School: How to Shop for REAL & Wholesome Foods – Part 1

I’ve had a lot of questions about how I shop for my groceries, where I go to find the best prices, and where I buy which foods.  I’m going to answer those questions today! The truth is, finding REAL food can be an adventure…especially if you want to find the best real food at the […]

Flashback Friday: My Whole Food Journey 4.25.10

 This is a post from almost three years ago.  I have been rereading some of the posts I wrote here in the beginning – My Whole Food Journey- as a way to reevaluate what I am doing now and what I could be doing differently.  A lot has happened with my family in the past […]

Valentine’s On a Budget

Valentine’s Day is just a less than a week away, have you bought your gals and fellas anything yet?  If not, I’ve got some easy and sweet suggestions that you can pull together in no time flat – and without making your wallet scream for mercy! First off, we (as in my husband and I) […]

Holiday Meal for Under $40

Do you have a big meal planned for your family this week?  Are you in charge of feeding extended family or does your family do a potluck type meal?   Do you cook all the food or just bring a dish? Regardless of whether you need to pick up all the food or just the ingredients […]

FoodSaver Challenge Update

It has been a couple of weeks since I announced I was taking the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System challenge.  I have had a great time giving this little gadget a work out and have used it for all sorts of things already.  Here’s a quick video explaining some of the ways I’ve already used it. […]

Thanksgiving on a Budget

Today the kids and I went to Walmart to pick up the ingredients to make Thanksgiving dinner.  Walmart challenged us to see if it was possible to purchase the items for a Thanksgiving dinner for $40 or less.  Let’s just say I’m a nutcase this was a challenge – but not to find the ingredients […]

Beat the Heat & Save Your Budget!

Its summer time and besides feeling the heat you might be feeling a pinch on your budget.  With the heat many of us face higher utility bills when we finally succumb to turning on the air conditioning.  I will confess that we’ve had ours on for a month now with this Georgia heat that seems […]

Organic on a Budget: Scoring Cheap Fruits and Veggies

If you’re making the switch to more wholesome foods like my family has been doing, you may have realized a change in your budget. If you were buying tons of processed foods and take out, you might have seen that you’re spending less. But, more than likely, if you’ve been doing “pretty well” before, using […]

Organic on a Budget: Bulk Bins = Bargains

When you first start buying organic foods you might have sticker shock.  The price difference on some items can be steep.  And, while I must admit, buying organic foods can be a bit more expensive, it doesn’t mean you can’t afford it.  Sometimes it just takes knowing a few tricks and paying attention. That’s what […]

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