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Organizing and Streamlining Snacks and Mealtime

Are you all ready for back to school? Have the book bags and lunch boxes been picked out and the school supplies bought? {If not, get your fanny over to Walmart for $0.17 notebooks, $0.50 crayons, and $0.97 markers and the like!}. So, you’ve checked all these items off your list? Think your ready?  Have […]

12 Non-Sandwich Ideas for Back to School Lunches

Are your kids tired of the same ol’ pb&j?  Maybe you’re looking for other nutritional ideas besides the basic sandwich?  Whatever your motivation is, I’ve got a DOZEN yummy lunch ideas that ARE NOT sandwiches.  No loaf bread was used or harmed in this post. LOL. There are a couple of “sandwich-like” ideas here to […]

Awesome Back to School Clothes…without Leaving Home!

I received a Zappos.com gift card to purchase back to school clothes in order to facilitate this review and all opinions are my own. Have you done your back to school shopping yet?  Still need just a few more things?  {Maybe you haven’t even started your shopping yet…I won’t tell}.  I did all my shopping […]

Personalizing School Notebooks with Duck Tape

Looking for a fun way to “spiff up” cheap, plain school supplies?  We were recently looking for a notebook for Judah to use for science. I wanted something that would be sturdy to take outside since a lot of our activities will be happening outdoors and while hiking through the woods. I decided on a […]

Affordable Back To School Clothes

As I’m sure you are aware, I am part of the Walmart Mom’s program.  I get asked a lot how this fits with what I am currently doing.  The fact is, I still shop at Walmart…a lot.  It is the closest store to me since I live in the middle of nowhere!  I am able […]

Kohl’s Cares – Back To School Edition

Are you familiar with the Kohl’s Cares program?  Right at the checkout you’ll see plush animals, children’s books, cookbooks, and sometimes other things that are part of the Kohl’s Cares fundraising program.  These items are only $5 {much cheaper than buying books and stuffed animals anywhere else!} and all the net profit {100%} from these […]

Back to School Supplies for Less

If you’ve been following me on Facebook you know that Judah just started school yesterday!  We are very excited about where he is.  I know he’ll enjoy it and will learn so much!  It has been a somewhat new experience for me.  I was a teacher myself for ten years but now I’m sitting on […]

Review: Christian School Supplies from DaySpring

DaySpring, a division of Hallmark and the world’s largest Christian-message product provider, has created a unique line of back to school products; from Binders, Folders, Notebooks and Composition Books, to Pencil Pouches and Planners. This full line of trend-right, faith-based product is perfect for Christian youth to both embrace their faith as well as to […]

Back to School: Packing Lunch – My Favorite Gear {Part 2}

Judah has been to “school” for two weeks now and he is loving it!  Since he is just going to a Two Days for Tots program we have to pack him a little lunch to take with him.  I thought since many of you may be packing lunches as well, I’d share some of my […]

Back to School Clothes Shopping Video

Last week Judah and I went back to school shopping. Of course, we were not alone, I had 10 month old Eliana in tow as well. For a mama that has two littles along for clothing shopping – time matters. I need to get what I need and get out! I don’t want to take […]

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