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Plum Organics Baby Food Review

Do you make your own baby food or purchase it?  If you purchase it are you particular about the ingredients and what’s in {or not in} your little one’s baby food?  I have been {and will be} very picky about my children’s first foods. Why?  Their little bodies don’t require as much fuel as ours […]

OXO Tots Baby’s First Foods Give Away + A Recipe for Sweet Potato Pie Puree

We’re anticipating our third bundle of joy very soon and I’ve been dragging out all the baby gear. It has brought wonderful memories back about my first two when they were tiny babies and its getting my children excited about having a new baby brother. They’ve been asking lots of questions about how big the […]

Real Food For Babies From Beech-Nut

Okay, here’s my scoop on baby food: We fed our kids REAL foods from the start. Most of the time we’d feed them something {or many things depending on their stages} from our own meals. BUT, we all know there are times when that just isn’t possible: You eat at a restaurant, you have a […]

A Healthy Valentine Treat You’re whole family will Love…Apple Beet Sauce and A Give Away!

Do you have a new little eater in your home? Have you ventured into making your own baby food?  Do you have some toddlers or little kids that LOVE that squeezable apple sauce pouches that come in various flavors and brands these days?  If so this post is for you. Those pouches can be pretty […]

Cool New Gadget: Infantino’s Fresh Squeezed Line – A Must Have!

Have you seen these fancy new gadgets yet?  If not, I am SO excited to show you how this baby works.  AND, if you have seen it – or better yet, you have it, I hope you’ll get some ideas for other ways you can use it! Let me introduce you to the new Fresh […]

Give Away: Nuk FreshFoods Mash & Serve Bowl-Closed

Congratulations to random.org’s winning #6 – Susan S. for winning this time!  Be sure to enter all my contests! Thanks! I have a little one now that loves to eat table food.  In fact, Eliana has enjoyed table food from the very start.  I haven’t bought the first jar of baby food.  It is so […]

Feeding Baby Wholesomely: Baby Food

If you’ve been following this blog for very long, you know that I have a two year old son that I have tried my darnedest to raise “wholesomely.”  While we all have a different definition for what that is, I have defined it as providing a wholesome/clean (and mostly green) environment and feeding him wholesome […]

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