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Sunday School: The Truth about Cold Cereal – Not Part of Your “Balanced Breakfast”

cold cereal

Are you kids headed back to school?  Around here school has either started or is about to start in the next week or two, depending on which school district your kids are in.  Either way, there is still time to stock your fridge and freezer with healthy and fast breakfast options.  I spend a few extra minutes each weekend (usually on Sunday) batch cooking or making things for the following week.

One item that is a staple in most school children’s diet is cold cereal.  Were you aware that industrial/commercial cereal is NOT part of a balanced breakfast?

Okay, so most of us {even if we’ve been known to buy it on occasion} know that the sugary kid’s cereals are not healthy.  By no means would we claim these foods as “health” foods.  But, what about all the “grown up” cereals or the “organic” cereals?  You know… the ones that don’t come with toys in the box or cartoon characters on the front?  They are healthy, right?  Nope.

Here’s why:


All packaged, dry cereals are produced by a process called “extrusion” which involves high heat and high pressure to form the grain into the O’s, flakes, and other popular cereal shapes. Extrusion destroys most of the nutrients, including some of the chemical vitamins that are added to “fortify” the cereal.

Synthetic Vitamins

But, aren’t cereals full of vitamins?  It says so on the box, right?  It is “fortified” with vitamins, meaning they ADD synthetic {or man-made} vitamins to the cereal.  It is still unclear as to whether or not our bodies can even utilize these vitamins.  Many synthetic vitamins are actually treated as toxins and are eliminated by your body as quickly as possible.

A better breakfast choice is ANY real food you can cook up.  But, the problem with real food is that it takes time, and when you are trying to get kiddos out the door EARLY in the morning, time is just not something most of us have.  I’ve got a couple of ideas I’ll share with you this week!  I’ve got some recipes and ideas I can’t wait to share with you!  And, right away, I’ve got a recipe that is a great swap for cold cereal: Granola.

Granola is something you can make VERY easily on a weeknight or on the weekend.  Like I said earlier in this post, I often take a few hours on Sunday to prepare anything I am going to need for the following week or to get ahead on weeknight dinners. Granola is one of those items.

My husband loves this granola on his yogurt in the morning.  It makes great parfaits with organic yogurt and fresh fruit. It is also delicious eaten just like cold cereal, with some raw, whole milk for a real food, real quick breakfast.

Apple Cinnamon Granola

Check out Holistic Squid’s post here for more information on why you should kick the cold cereals this school season and for another yummy granola recipe!  Also, find more information about a the dirty secrets of the food processing industry, read Sally Fallon’s article here.



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  1. I absolutely love you website! Thank you so much for your untiring efforts. Can you please tell me if you dry your apples yourself (and if so, how) or do you buy them like that? Thanks!

    • Denisesawyer says:

      I bought dried apples in the dried fruit section of my Whole Food’s store.
      You can also dry your own if you have a dehydrator.
      Wholesome Mommy

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