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Silence a Cough in Record Time – Naturally

Stop a Cough Quick with Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil From WholesomeMommy.com

I can’t wait to share this remedy with you all.  It has literally been life changing for my family.  My son suffers from allergy symptoms just like his dear ol’ mom.  He gets a stuffy nose, swollen sinuses from congestion, and a persistent cough at least a couple times a year – during high seasonal allergy time.

When he was younger I’d rush over to his pediatrician and have them look at him and listen to him but then they’d just send us home saying there is really nothing they could do – it was just a cold.  Which is totally true- there isn’t anything our modern medicine can do for the common cold because it is a virus.  Antibiotics treat bacterial infections – not viruses.

Then, finally a pediatrician did prescribe him an inhaler – which freaked me out. I asked her if that meant she felt he had asthma and she said no.  She just thought it would help him to breathe better during this seasonal allergy period.  I did not have the prescription filled.

I have never been one that wanted to give my kids drugs unnecessarily. To me, they are a last resort.  Most of the time I’m not willing to subject them to the side effects of the medications because they are worse than the illness they are meant to treat!

words for euc

So, this year as allergy season rolled around I was armed with my Young Living essential oils.  I decided to look up which oils might help Judah with his persistent cough and congestion.  The cough was keeping him up at night.  He was waking up often and you could tell he wasn’t getting deep/restful sleep because even after a whole night’s worth of rest he was waking up with dark circles under his eyes and was super crabby.

Eucalyptus oils are fantastic for any respiratory or sinus infection because they are antiviral, antibacterial, and expectorants {meaning that it promotes drainage from the lungs – many cough syrups have a synthetic expectorant}.  We chose Eucalyptus Radiata for Judah because it is a milder eucalyptus oil making it a good choice for children.

I just mixed about 3 drops of the eucalyptus radiata oil in my palm with an equal amount of olive oil and then I rubbed it on his chest, feet, and spine.  Eucalyptus radiata has a very similar smell to the commercially available “vapor rubs.”  {Isn’t it funny that our modern medicine has mimicked nature.  Guess someone else knew it worked too!}. Within just a couple minutes his cough is totally silenced.   The first night I was totally amazed that we didn’t hear a peep from his room – not a single cough.

eucalyptus radiata

Another option, that we have used also, is to diffuse about 5 to 6 drops of eucalyptus radiata in his room at bedtime.

Since we’ve had such amazing results with Judah, I shared this trick {and some of my oil} with a friend.  She reported back that her son {who had been struggling to breathe and sleep due to his cough/choking on mucus} was sleeping soundly – even snoring!  {Which he never had done before!}.  It was so exciting to hear that my oils helped her little boy to finally get some peaceful sleep!

It is such a good feeling to be able to find something to silence my son’s cough without giving him drugs unnecessarily.  Each time I treat something with Young Living essential oils I am truly amazed. I have no doubt that these are God’s perfect medicine and I’m thrilled to have them for my family and to be able to share them with you.

If you are interested in learning more about oils and natural remedies go check out my posts under “Wholesome Wellness.”

If you are interested in purchasing oils for your own family, please go read my post here.

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  1. Breathe Again which has eucalyptus in it has totally been helping me! Our couch were starting to sound like bronchitis and the vita flex spot for bronchials is the top of your feet up along your toe line and I have been amazed how well this has worked!!! I am always so amazed and thankful! I ❤️ YLEO’s

  2. My daughter is border-line asthmatic and every fall/early winter we end up at the doctor’s office trying to hold off bronchitis or worse. This past year I “discovered” essential oils. What a difference. Every night we rub her feet with clove and her chest and under her nose with a mixture of peppermint/ eucalyptus with almond oil as a carrier. So far so good. There have been a few times during the worst of the season for her where she still needed her inhaler (last resort that I don’t like, but does make a difference). And we have kept out of the doctor’s office–a result that is definitely good.

  3. I love eucalyptus! I have a bath oil that I sometimes use on a hot washcloth and place it on my head when I have sinus and migraine headaches. It is always soothing. I am getting ready to start using the oils! My daughter and I have allergies (I call them my gift to her!). Mine are much worse than hers, so this is going to be great. Hate taking meds all of the time for them!


    • Denisesawyer says:

      The young living oils are therapeutic grade and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I also gave my son that same “gift.” :)
      The oils have been life changing for us – I used to take Claritin D for weeks at a time to get rid of killer sinus headaches, itchy eyes, congestion, etc. etc. now I use Eucalyptus Blue for my allergies, and since my son has the cough with his, we use both Euc. Blue and Euc. Radiata for him {the Eucalyptus Radiata ALWAYS silences his cough.
      This month I am giving away a super nice reference book to EVERYONE who purchases a young living essential oils premium kit from me. I’d love to have you on my “oily team.”
      Wholesome Mommy

  4. Kristen Stevens says:


    When you make a rub with cocunut oil should I stick it in the fridge afterwards? Also, would you add RC to this as well for a bad cough? Thank you!

  5. Brenda Geeslin says:

    I have had a cough for over 14 yrs and been to over 6 doctors and have had many test ran and taken various drugs and even tried acupuncture. I am beginning to try the oils. I have used RC and thieves but still coughing.
    You mention you use eucalyptus and said you put 2 to 3 drops in your palm but did not mention using a carrier oil?

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