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Salmon Burgers and Sliders

salmon burgers

Salmon is loaded with omega 3′s – a healthy fat most of us don’t get enough of.  My family has been making an effort to eat healthy fats and more fish in general.  But, I’ll just tell you – salmon was not my favorite.  Being a gal who has grown up on white fish and mostly very mild flavored tilapia, salmon was a bit more fishy tasting to me.  I had tried cooking salmon filets and had experimented with different marinades but each time while my husband liked it,  it was just tolerable to me.


Then, I found Wild Planet’s sustainably caught  wild Alaska pink salmon.  Wild Planet’s salmon is 100% sustainable and has been since 2004.  This canned salmon is so good…especially in my Salmon Burger recipe.  If you aren’t sure if you like salmon just yet, but you know it is good for you, I strongly suggest you try my recipe!  Even my two kiddos love them, especially when I make them small for “salmon sliders.”

salmon sliders

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Disclosure: I received product from Wild Planet in order to review it and develop this recipe. It was quite tasty! ;)


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  1. I’m assuming a fine cornmeal?what about corn flour?

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