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Rock Your Socks Off Homemade Ramen


Let me preface this recipe with this statement:  My son WILL NOT eat soup.  I could stand on my head, promise him the moon, bribe him with cold hard cash, a trip to the toy store… to no avail. He is like the character in the Dr. Seuss book who will not eat green eggs and ham…not in a box, not on a train… you get the idea.

However, HE ATE THIS SOUP.  You heard me correctly.  Without any aforementioned bribery, he at this soup. It think it may have had to do with the length of the noodles.  At first I showed him the soup and he quickly made his mind up that this was not for him.  I didn’t push the subject.  I offered him a bite of mine and showed him a long noodle from my bowl and quickly slurped it up with a very rude and messy “SLURP.”  His eyes lit up and he was sold.  He decided, maybe I’ll just have one bite of your noodles.  So, I offered him a very long one and made sure to make a big deal about how this was the “longest noddle I had ever seen!”  He ate it.  The earth stood still. No one breathed a breath. And, then Judah declared, “this is the best soup ever!  I want to have this every day!”  Did you just read that.  EVERY. DAY.

My husband had an equally enthusiastic expression about the soup, stating that this should be on the weekly rotation.  I don’t know that I’ll make this every week, but it is very good, and very easy.  So, it will be showing up as a family favorite. ;)

Ramen 2

The secret is using store bought {extremely cheap, it will take you back to college days} ramen.  But, make sure you get this memo: THROW AWAY THE SEASONING PACKET.  You don’t need it, your’re going to make a broth that taste eleventy thousand times better.  Plus, it is full of ingredients you can’t pronounce any way – not real food.



This makes enough for about 4 people. My family devoured it all except one bowl that my husband took to work. :)

ramen 3

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  1. Hi Denise, I was wondering if there is an alternate to the Maruchan ramen. I just checked the ingredients in the noodles (not the seasoning packet) and it has soybean ingredients, and canola and cottonseed oils (GMOs per the list). Would it work with whole wheat pasta? Thanks!

    • Denisesawyer says:

      There are a couple options actually. There is a version without those ingredients here: http://amzn.to/1dfEpbY
      You can also find this version at Whole Foods {obviously the price point is a bit higher}.
      Another option would be to use an italian noodle, like you suggested {I have a friend who uses vermicelli or angel hair}. Another option is to look for an Asian rice noodle.
      Wholesome Mommy

    • Ka-me is a fairly common Asian food brand, and they make plain Chinese noodles that are curly-kinky ramen style without all the extra funky ingredients! Found them at my local grocery and they’re perfect for this recipe.

      Just made this tonight with leftover roasted chicken and it came out great. My SO isn’t quite as picky as your son, but usually isn’t a big fan of soups. He at two BIG bowls, and just declared “that is awesome soup”! My only suggestion is to saute the mushrooms first til they’re nice and brown (with some grated fresh ginger if you have it!)

      Thanks :)

  2. I know how you feel having picky eaters in the house. My grown brothers are hard to cook for where my grandkids aren’t. One won’t eat tomotos except tomato sauce and it can not have tomato pieces listed on the ingredients he also won’t eat meat except once in a while. The other one won’t eat tomatoes cause it irrates his crohns. No dairy because it irrates his crohns, etc…. It is really hard to cook in this house. Ha! Can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Glad to have you here! Please share what works and what doesn’t and how you like the recipes. :)
      Wholesome Mommy

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