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Recipe: Smokehouse Chicken

My husband loves anything slathered in BBQ.  When I told him I was going to make my own version of Outback’s Alice Springs Chicken – kind of a mix between that and a Monterrey Chicken his eyes lit up. BBQ chicken is a grilling staple but if you want to step it up a notch, you’ll want to give this recipe for a whirl!

Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Chicken from WholesomeMommy.com

The difference in their version and my version is that I left off several ingredients and only added the ones my husband actually likes.  So, you won’t find any tomatoes in this recipe.  You can add them if you like but in my house it is just a cheesy, meaty, BBQ-fest known as “Smokehouse Chicken.”

Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Chicken 2 from WholesomeMommy

I also made a quick warm apple sauce to go with it. I just put a pint of my home-canned apple sauce into a small sauce pan (you could use any store brand apple sauce as well – organic is better since apples are on the dirty dozen list). I added a spoonful of sugar and a Tbsp of cinnamon into the pan. Warm the apple sauce for a delicious treat the kids AND adults will love. (:

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  1. Sounds fabulous! We love recreating restaurant faves! So much healthier and satisfying knowing that you prepared it all yourself :) Great job!

  2. georgena says:

    Sounds great! Why not just set the baking sheet back on the grill and close it until the cheese melts? Then you are not heating up the house.

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Georgena – that is genius! Absolutely you could do this! I guess my preggo brain was too tired to think of that! LOL

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