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Real Party: Backyard Theater

backyard theater

My family hosted a backyard theater party two weeks ago and we’re looking forward to hosting many more!  It was so much fun to get to watch a good movie with close friends.

While my husband and mom were in charge of making the movie screen and my dad took the lead in the AV department I was busy setting the stage with lots of yummy snacks, lights, and decorations.

balloon lighting

First off, I blew up some red balloons I picked up at Walmart for less than $1 and popped in some glow in the dark light sticks that I picked up in packs of 3 for $1 at the Dollar Tree.  The balloons not only served as a pretty backdrop at the party but also as a ambient light source for guests when trying to find their way to the snacks or bathroom once it got dark out during the movie.

I also put up some low lighted  lanterns with battery operated tea lights around the seating area and my husband lit our tiki lanterns with citronella oil to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

open road snacks

For the snacks I had a variety of treats including, Open Road Snacks, {formerly known as Rocky Mountain Popcorn} popcorn and Poplets, an all-natural, gluten free corn kernel snack.  We had cheddar, butter, jalapeno, caramel, and cinnamon sugar popcorn, along with pretzels and Reese’s Pieces and M&M’s for mixing in.  Of course, you’ve got to have lots of movie theater candy available too, so I picked up lot of candy for less than $1 at Walmart.

I had a popcorn box for everyone {found in the dollar bins at Target last year} and big popcorn boxes for all the flavors on the table {found at the Dollar Tree}.  I covered the table with a black table cloth and add a piece of red fabric for a runner {bought in the fabric section at Walmart}.


I also had glass bottles of Mexican Coke, Sprite, and Fanta {hey, if you’re going to have soda – and movies call for treats – you should have the good stuff, made with REAL sugar and not HFCS and a ice cold GLASS bottle!}.  My guests had a blast filling their popcorn boxes with their own “movie trail mix” of sorts.

backyard movie theater kids

For seating, I asked my guests to bring a comfy chair if they wanted {my patio furniture was also available}.  I also built a comfy pallet for the kiddos that the adults threatened to take over!  First, I laid down a tarp {to keep the moisture out}, then I layered a few quilts and blankets and LOTS of spare throw pillows!  The kids all piled up and were so quiet!  {I think they like it!}

backyard movie party

Even the adults behaved themselves! :) We all had a great time and I can’t wait to do it all over again!  I still want to put together a “Summer Movie Series”…maybe next year?  :)

What Family Films {Old and New} Would YOU Show?

For more information and ideas for your own outdoor movie {including fun recipes for popcorn} check out my Pinterest board, “Backyard Movie Night.”  For more information on how we pulled this off, including everything you need to know about the gear you’ll need, go read my articles here: “How to Host a Backyard Movie Theater” and “How to Build an Outdoor Movie Screen.”

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I’m a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. Walmart has provided me with a product sample and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. Participation in this program is voluntary and the opinions stated above are entirely my own.

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  1. looks amazing! Great party :)

  2. Awesome! I do have a question though. Did you wait until night time to do this? I’m guessing?
    I ask b/c I thought about doing somethign similar for my son’s bday party, but I nixed the idea b/c i figure it would be too bright outside. His b-day is next week (before day light savings) and He’s 7 so not really a good age for a 7pm party (IMHO).
    We typically do parties from 2-4 in the afternoon but I was willing to do it later but it doesnt really get dark down here (gulf coast Texas) until 8pm!!

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