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REAL Food Copy Cat: Zuppa Tuscana – Olive Garden Copy Cat

This soup is garlicy goodness. I ate three bowls the first night and then had it for lunch the next day…it was that good. I found a bunch of Olive Garden copy cat recipes for this soup, but a lot of them had weird, unnecessary ingredients, or too much water {water = no flavor}.  So with a few tweaks I found a fantastic version I can call my own.  I love it when I find a good recipe that is easy to make into REAL food and the ingredients are simple to find.  As the weather gets cooler you’re going to love having this recipe on hand…so be sure to print it or pin it for future reference.

Zuppa Tuscana from WholesomeMommy.com

This soup is easy to change up for a larger family.  If you find that this recipe isn’t enough for your larger family, add more potatoes and a handful more of fresh spinach. You’ll want to start with an extra clove of garlic so that you don’t water down the flavor.  Also, add more liquid. You can add more chicken broth if you have it, or if you don’t you can use water.  Just be sure to add an extra teaspoon of chicken base to bump the flavor back up. And, TASTE the soup. Just before you serve it up, use a clean spoon to taste what you’ve got. If it isn’t “chickeny” enough and tastes watery, add a bit more chicken base. If it isn’t creamy enough, add a bit more milk.  You can’t mess this up!
Zuppa Tuscana

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  1. How may people does this serve

  2. Miranda Cripe says:

    I am assuming the sausage should be cooked before adding it?

    • Denisesawyer says:

      I used a precooked nitrate free chicken sausage – in the lunchmeat section where the kelbasa, polk, meatballs, etc are. If you are using raw, yes, you should precook it.
      Wholesome Mommy

  3. Miranda Cripe says:

    Bulk sausage is ok? Or should it be links

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Bulk sausage should be fine. An italian one would be best {flavor wise}. If it is raw, precook it in a skillet.
      Wholesome Mommy

  4. I linked to this recipe in my March Real Food Monthly Meal Plan. I love Italian food and this is a cheap way to get my favorite Olive Garden soup.

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