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Pure Balance Dog Food Review

I will be the first to admit, I haven’t given much thought to what I feed my dog. That might come as a surprise to you seeing as I make it my priority to learn about, prepare, and feed my family whole/REAL foods. But honestly, it costs a lot to feed my family well and buying “boutique” brands and high dollar best store dog food just wasn’t in the cards {or my wallet!}.

Pure Balance Dog Food from Wholesome Mommy

I know you’re horrified! So, when Pure Balance Dog Food asked me if I would consider a review of thier new pure and simple dog food with no corn, wheat, or soy, I was intrigued. I especially gave some thought to their question about what my new year’s resolution was for my dogs. Honestly, I didn’t have one. But I started thinking about it and my dog Chloe {the one pictured here} is getting older and slower and starting to put on a few pounds. So, if I were going to have a resolution for her – it would be a lot like many of our human resolutions, to eat better and loose weight! LOL.

Pure Balance Dog food Review from WholesomeMommy.com

The Grain Free Salmon & Pea Rice Recipe variety that we reviewed with Chloe is one of three varieties that contain REAL meat or poultry as the first ingredients, no chicken by-products, no corn, wheat, or soy, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and features a blend of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.  This variety notes on the bag that is also good for seniors and puppies.

Pure Balance Dog Food

And the best part? Its affordable! Cost may vary by store, but the average retail price for the 4lb. bag is  $7.27, the 11lb. bag is $16.88, and the 24lb. bag is $32.83. Available in-store and online, exclusive to Walmart.  Much cheaper than those high dollar pet store versions.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I’m a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. Walmart has provided me with a product sample and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. Participation in this program is voluntary and the opinions stated above are entirely my own.

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  1. I feed ours Rachael Ray Zero Grain. My MIL fed her dog this and it caused him serious digestive issues. It is rated fairly high on dogfoodadvisor.com, but the vet says a “cheap” dog food is just that. I am just recommending you proceed with this dog food with caution. Zero grain is definitely better for them, but this food isn’t best for all dogs.

  2. We’ve made our dog homemade dog food since we adopted her last year. It’s super easy to do. We followed a recipe online and the basic ingredients are meat (beef or pork), cooked rice and mixed vegetables. Sometimes we add in oatmeal, potatoes or flax seed. I look for ground beef on sale or manager special or buy a pork roast and run it through the grinder. She’s a 12 lb rat terrier and it costs us about $20/month to feed her homemade, very healthy dog food with no artifical fillers. My uncle, who happens to be a vet, says our dog has the shiniest fur he’s ever seen. She’s also very athletic and can easily clear a 3 foot fence and is very spry. I really do believe it’s because of all the good nutrients she recieves.

  3. It is unfortunate that it is only carried by Walmart as I refuse to shop at that store. If it becomes available at another store, I would like to give it a try. I pay about $35 for a 17 pound bag of food right now and would be happy to compare to what I feed…maybe someday.

    • I hear u, i dont like walmart but this food is really the ultimate price. So you should buy it online because the 24 pound is 34$ bucks after tax and has excellent ingredients. Im not gonna say its better then Blue Buffalo because they are winning the fight but the ingredients are on the same level.

  4. Raw fed diet is the absolute best – your pet is an ANIMAL. They need the bones and internal organs of things they would find in the wild. Raw bones are great to eat, not cooked, those are dangerous. Plus it’s actually cheaper than buying bagged food. They will be leaner, more healthier and energetic. To learn more see http://www.k9instinct.com/ I am not associated with them at all but I endorse them with all my heart.

    • Raw is good no doubt at all. but bones can be dangerous raw or cooked. Animals in the wild live much less years then in captivity. And that’s a fact.

    • Sue Bell says:

      I talked to my vet about an all raw diet and he looked at me like I’m nuts. Especially on raw bones, etc., he totally advised against it.

  5. I have been feeding my puppy this brand since I decided to switch brands from Purina because she wasn’t gaining any weight. I seen that this dog food actually has real chicken in there and not chicken biproducts. Best switch I made for my Cocoa!

  6. Miranda Cripe says:

    I have a Lab and any food with wheat products give him horrible gas. So 8′ve become an expert in reading dog food labels and sorry to say that since wheat is used as a filler that food without it is always so much more expensive. $35 for a 24 lb bag is about twice that of the Iams brand I am feeding him now, so really not that affordable. But glad to hear there are other dog foods going that route!

    • I just purchased, I have a dog with food allergies and have to be very caution. Have been out of working and doing extensive research. Iams has had recalls repeatedly, I’m to concerned to use it. I will try and keep this link but so far my Miniature American Eskimos love it (including our puppies) and our old man sheltie (the one allergic to everything). So far it has been wonderful and very inexpensive compared to what i’ve been feeding. It is ethoxiquin free.

    • Yes 35$ for a 30ILB bag would seem costly to those feeding their animals IAMS and dog chow…. but for those of us who feed our animals better food such as blue buffalo, which is 55$ a bag, this would be considered affordable….

      • Miranda says:

        Yes, you are right, that would be much more affordable. I just can’t afford it. My dog is happy and very healthy on the cheaper brands and is the joy of my life. Have a good day!

      • I was getting a 40lb bag of dog food for $20-$25 and I just decided my dogs needed something better than just corn meal and other fillers. They were itchy, hyperactive and really just seemed “off.” I decided to actually read the labels of dog foods I was getting and came across Pure Balance. It seemed to be the only one I could find that contained meat as the first ingredient. It has been about 3 weeks or so since we switched and they seem to be doing great. They seem very content. To me the price difference is worth it. I was budgeting dog food weekly and really it is only a few dollars more a week.

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  8. I have 5 dogs . 2 Boston Terriers ,2 Pugs and 1 Lab. They are in different age brackets and one of my Boston’s had some heath issues that he was over coming and needed a better diet. One of my pugs has a food sensitivity. So this as you could imagine could get pricey! The vet had made some recommendations and the very nice people where I buy all of my ” high priced” and even some homemade dog foods were the ones who told me about the pure balance brand from Wal-Mart. I’ve googled the most current list of reports on dog foods to find out what is safe before using! I had 4 of my dogs switched over and now have my 5th dog on his way! I have seen the change in my pug with his allergy and all of the dogs love it! It’s a gradual process and you need to find out which one works best for your dog! I also buy the treats for them as well!!! Hope this helps!


  9. For those of you feeding your dogs this brand, is there a formula more liked between the chicken, lamb or salmon? Have had many dogs and fed them grain free in the past, not due to any allergies, but have lately been going with Pedigree brand due to affordability and they like it. About to have a new puppy, however, who’s being fed this now and would probably be best to keep her on it. Reviews and ingredients look good. If yours like one formula over another, please let me know. Thanks!

  10. We presently have puppies & ranging from 4-months to 12 years old. They all are fed the salmon & pea formula. My 12 year old has severe corn allergy. Very picky about what I feed but ingredients & costs lead to try pure balance. They all love it & are doing great. Would highly recommend.

  11. My lab has had terrible skin allergies for about 3 yrs. Sick of going to the vet all the time, I decided to try something simple first…change dogfood. I decided to try Pure Balance as I saw it in Walmart and didnt really want to spend a fortune at a pet store since we’re talking about a pretty big dog. Within a week of changing food, that dog hasnt chewed or scratched his skin at all and he seems to really like it. so thats what he’ll be eating from now on.

  12. My dog is 14 this December..
    Her teeth were not clean & wet meat didn’t help, and yet
    she does best without grains. Her back legs were caving in
    and thought I might need to put her down (4+ months ago).
    Did research and began feeding her frozen/raw edamame on her dry
    food…recently stopped raw meat (because of teeth) & switched to Pure Balance Bison & Pea. Sheba is losing weight slowly and doing better each week. She is more active and no need to put her down. The lights are back in her eyes :)

    • Samantha,
      That’s such awesome news! Yay Sheba!! I know how difficult and scary it can be when our “babies” get older, but I am happy to hear she’s doing better. Thought your edamame comment was interesting too. I’ll have to look that up and see what that’s all about. Glad Pure Balance is working out for her.


    • YAAAAY!!!!
      I have 2 fat old dogs.
      1 is 130 lbs and needs to lose 25-30 (9 years old)
      the other is a lil’pit bull with ALLerGies! (7.5 years old, too old for her time…)
      and she too needs to lose a good 20 lbs. Dr. put them on Perscription hills Sci.Diet (costs a Fortune!)
      we have just started switching them over to PB…
      ALL the reviews seem so positive.
      I am sooo happy for Sheba. I feel there’s HOPE!
      I love them so much.

  13. P.S. Shebas teeth are whiter each week! :)

  14. Teresa Hutton says:

    I got Pure Balance for Sensitive Stomach dog food due to my dog Lucy gets acute gastritis with other dog foods.Would this help her from getting acute gastritis? Please let me know.

  15. Samantha Davies says:

    If you read Practical Paleo… Nutrition Food/Health Cook Book/Guide…not only will you consider going grain free; but you’ll see the health advantages of your beloved pets/companions being grain free also :-) An eye opening book, that speaks clearly and directly about America’s obesity epidemic, illnesses, drug dependence, and diseases. Eating simple, unprocessed, homemade food
    is good for us and our loved ones!!

  16. Freda Allen says:

    Maybe they have changed their formula because this food gave my sampson severe diarrhea and weight loss we had to throw out two separate bags both we found mold and maggots in at first Samson seemed to love it by the sec bag he developed diarrhea and we find maggots three third bad he was pooping every morning diarrhea in his crate and lethargic 3rd bag find maggots in bottom of bag this food is horrible irregardless if the claims on their bag

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