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Peach Pie with Whole Wheat Crust and Streusel Topping

Peach Pie with Whole Wheat Crust

After visiting the Peach Orchard at Lane Family Orchards and learning about Walmart’s fresh guarantee I was dying to get back to make a peach pie with all those juicy peaches!  I’ve only made a pie all purpose flour and since my family switched to grinding our own wheat, I really wanted to try making my own wheat pie crust.  I’ll admit that all though we’ve enjoyed all the breads I’ve made with the wheat I really expected the pie crust to be heavy – not what you really want in a pie crust!  I am happy to report that this pie crust is the opposite of heavy! It is light and fluffy and the perfect companion to fresh juicy {and might I add local!} peaches!

Peach Pie with Streusel Topping


lane orchards at walmart

If you’re not  familiar with Walmart’s 100% guarantee, I’ve got the scoop: they have been working hard and making great strives to improve their produce department. They even have a 100% guarantee, so for any reason you are not happy with the produce you purchase, you can get a refund.  It is that simple.  I have been pleasantly surprised at all the work they have done with heir associates and training them to spot the bad produce. To improve quality and freshness, Walmart has hired produce experts to work directly with farmers in the key growing regions where the company has produce-buying offices. Building long-term partnerships with farmers while having Walmart associates in the regions, and in the fields everyday – where produce is grown has made it possible for Walmart to select farmers who grow the best fruits and vegetables.

I’ve also noticed they have started carrying some organic produce.  I can only hope that this trend will continue to grow. With a name like Walmart, they have the ability to bring lower prices {because of their ability to buy large quantities} and I love that I can buy local {and sometimes some of the items I buy organic} right down the street at my local Walmart.  It is so much more convenient for me.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I’m a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. Walmart has provided me with a product sample and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. Participation in this program is voluntary and the opinions stated above are entirely my own.

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  1. Jill Hartley says:

    Sorry not to sound completely DUH but I’m not the world’s best pie baker… are we supposed to bake this??? And what temp and how long??? LOL and if you posted it and I missed it, I’ll blame… pregnancy brain :-)

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Yes, in the peach pie recipe you’ll see the directions. It is maybe a bit confusing since you are seeing two recipes. There are no cooking directions in the pie crust recipe because you make it and then you add the peach ingredients {or you can use this crust recipe and follow your own pie filling recipe}. The cooking directions are in the peach pie recipe (the first one). It says 375 degrees for 35 minutes with just the filling. Then, add streusel topping and bake another 15 to 20 minutes longer. Hope that helps!

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