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Pasta Palomino | Real Food Lunch or Dinner in 15 minutes

One of my favorite local restaurants is Bella Roma.  It is a locally owned Italian/Greek restaurant and they used to have a dish on the menu called Pasta Palomino.  Occasionally, they will have it as a special now, although it isn’t on the regular menu any more.  I was really sad when I found out I couldn’t get it all the time.

What is Pasta Palomino?  My family jokes that it is adult Chef Boyarde.  It is penne pasta served with a creamy marinara sauce.  It is highly addictive but really quite simple and budget friendly. In fact, it is so simple I decided to try to recreate the dish at home and I have to say it was a home run!  This particular version is a clean, real food recipe – unlike the aforementioned processed kid friendly pasta in a can.   It is also a great meatless meal for Meatless Mondays {or any night if you’re looking to eat vegetarian}.

But the best part?  If you make this homemade spaghetti sauce ahead of time this meal takes less than 15 minutes to make!  {I make big huge batches of spaghetti sauce at once and freeze into meal size containers}.  So, there is no more excuses about not having time to make dinner!  You can whip this together any weeknight before the mad dash to ball practices, dance practice, gymnastics, choir practice, scouts, or track meet. :)


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