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Pantry Challenge Update

Well, FishMama over at Life As Mom has wrapped up her pantry challenge.  But, I feel like I am just getting going!  I have to admit my grocery bill hasn’t been as low as I had hopped it would be, but I am hopeful for February.  I feel like we are in great shape to buy very little.

I’ve already got my menu planned out for the month and we’ve been making headway on it.  I’ve also been busy the last few weeks getting some things prepped and in the freezer to make mornings easier.  I’ve made a batch of breakfast burritos, two BIG batches of waffles, a batch of bagels, and even some treats for Judah and DJ.  The only other thing I have on my to do list is making some homemade cheese crackers for snacking.  I’m trying to prepare things like this so I won’t be tempted to buy things at the grocery store.  I’m really going to try hard this month to only purchase dairy products and even very little produce.

So, I guess if I had to sum up this month I’d say it has been productive.  I’ve been busy making things with what I already have on hand.  It may not have been as frugal as I’d hoped but maybe I can name February “frugal month.”

How ’bout you?  Have you taken the Pantry Challenge?  How’s it going?

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