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Simple, Sophisticated Fall Entertaining

fall entertaining 4

Fall is FINALLY in the air around here in Georgia! The cool breezes, the beautiful fall foliage, and perfect weather for fall entertaining are just a few of the reasons fall is my favorite season!  We're getting geared up to have lots of friends over … Click to continue reading...

Pioneer Woman’s New Kitchen Line Launches AFFORDABLY at Walmart


I am so excited...I can barely contain myself!!! The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond has a new FABULOUS kitchen line with beautiful dishes, spatulas, pots, pans, colanders, mixing bowls, ramekins, pie plates, and more!  And the best part?  They are … Click to continue reading...

Chocolate Pen for Friday Fun

chocolate pen

  Each Friday night the kids and I have a bit of fun.  Usually, that means a simple dinner like pizza and the kids getting to sleep in our big bed  - family sleepover style!  Other than that or plans are always wide open: a movie, a game, or … Click to continue reading...

Organizing and Streamlining Snacks and Mealtime

food basket upstairs

Are you all ready for back to school? Have the book bags and lunch boxes been picked out and the school supplies bought? {If not, get your fanny over to Walmart for $0.17 notebooks, $0.50 crayons, and $0.97 markers and the like!}. So, you've checked … Click to continue reading...

Make Cleaning Up a Snap with 5 Simple Steps

Dyson Vacuum Review

Having three children at home...all the time...every day = MESSES.  Messes EVERYWHERE.  I'm pretty much a neat freak.  I have had to let go of SOME of my OCD tendencies and lower my standards just a bit for the sake of my sanity and the happiness of … Click to continue reading...

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