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Operation Organizing the Bathroom Cabinets

Hubby’s Bathroom Cabinet

I’ve decided to tackle a major clutter zone in my home: the bathroom cabinets.  They are a jumbled mess and it is nearly impossible to find anything I need.  It is like going into the black hole.


My Bathroom Cabinet & Drawers {WHOA!}

After a good inventory and a short brainstorming session I headed out to my local Walmart with a list in hand.  A good two hours was spent “in the trenches” decluttering and organizing and afterwards I emerged pooped but elated with the results.  I am going to share with you the after photos along with some comentary on what I did.


Walmart asked me to declutter a problem space in my home for $50.  I got pretty darn close.  I ended up spending $52.73 for all the items I bought, pictured here.  I got several sizes of Sterilite latch boxes for a total of ten boxes.  I also got a lazy susan and 3 of these glass jars. Not bad!  That averages to under $4 an item.

To start this project off, I drug everything out from under the cabinets and started sorting the items into common groups. Then, I tackled the medicine basket.  Until now, all of our medicines were just piled and jumbled into a very tall basket.  It was difficult to know what we had, much less find what we needed.  So, I decided to separate them into smaller groups of like items: First aid kit, children’s medicines, tummy trouble aids, vitamins, and cold and allergy medicines.


After I filled all my new bins, I printed, cut, and attached these cute labels to everything.  You can get the labels I printed here at World Label.  Or, if you prefer, I have lots of other cool printable labels on my pinterest board here you can choose some of your very own!


I think the end result turned out nice – an much more “user friendly.”  This is the photo of my husband’s bathroom cabinet after the makeover.


The medicine buckets are MUCH more useful this way.  I can find band aids when I need them, my husband will know just where to look for antacid, and we won’t have to dig for days to find a tube of Neosporin!  I can’t say enough how excited I am about this part of the organization!


Here are the photos of my bathroom cabinet after.  Now there is a place for everything – one basket for bath items (shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and body wash), a basket for lotions & powders, a basket for travel sized items, one for face cleaners and lotions, one for make-up (these are extras and not ones I’m currently using – they are in my make-up bag), and finally one for femine products. I ended up using the jars for razors and cotton balls.


Of course, every good declutter project means a good purging is in order… I ended up throwing out 5 bags of garbage.  Most where expired medicines and expired products. It felt good to get rid of junk, and get our cabinets organized.  Now I’ll know exactly what I already have so that I am not purchasing more of something when I already have something in the cabinet I could use.

I realized I didn’t take after photos of the drawers  – well, you’ll be glad to know after cleaning they are EMPTY!  I was literally beside myself and had no idea what I was going to do with these empty drawers.  Finally, I came to the conclusion that i could actually keep the items I use daily in them – like my hairbrush and make up bag – rather then leave them out on the counter.  What a novel idea, right!? ;)

Disclosure: I am a Walmart Mom. This post is sponsored by Walmart.   Walmart has provided me with product and/or compensation in exchange for my time and efforts in creating this post. My participation is voluntary. As always, my opinion is my own.

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  1. Hello, just wanted to say, I liked this blog post. It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  2. Good afternoon :) I realize this project is a few years old, but I stumbled across it while I was looking for help organizing my very tiny bathroom. I live in a one bedroom apartment with my four year-old daughter. I just wanted to tell you how very helpful your post was. It gave me what I needed for a place to start. It’s really cool that Walmart helped to sponsor this project for you. From one “Mommy” to another I thank you. Single parenting is hard, juggling work, quality time with my daughter, and house work, and this article really helped me find my starting place to organizing my space. :) Thank you!

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