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Natural – Chemical Free Deodorant THAT WORKS!

I have tried a number of natural deodorant brands on the market.  Many have left me wanting…wanting to smell better.  I’ve tried those that are widely available in big box stores and those found online, and I’ve even ordered homemade, direct from the seller.  I’ve finally found one that works great, keeps me smelling fresh, smells great, and is affordable.  Can it be true?!  It is…and I’ve even got a coupon for ya so you can see for yourself!

Schmidt's Deodorant review from wholesomemommy.com

Schmidt’s Deodorant contacted me at the start of summer to give their natural deodorant line a test run.  I’ve been using it for about two months now and it has really impressed me. In fact, I just placed an order for a second jar!  Schmidt’s comes in 5 scents – lavender and sage, cedarwood and  juniper, ylang-ylang and calendula, fragrance free, and my personal favorite: bergamot and lime.

Bergamot and lime has a lovely scent that reminds me of summer. :) Its fresh smelling and it keeps me fresh smelling too! In fact, I’ve given this deodorant a run for its money… I’ve worn it out to garden in this hot Georgia weather, for a whole day at the Nashville Zoo, and countless outdoor outings to the parks with my two kiddos. The heat hasn’t slowed me down and this deodorant just keeps on going! It has NEVER failed me.

If you’re wondering how long that $9 jar will last, it will vary by person, but it lasted me a little over 2 months.  Plus, this month you can get an extra 20% off with the code: SUMMERDEO Go check it out here: http://schmidts-deodorant.myshopify.com/

Full disclosure: I received product for review purposes. These opinions are my own and are always heart-felt and honest.

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  1. Perfect timing!! I’ve been on the hunt as well. The one I’m currently using (kiss my face) isn’t bad, but smells weird if I sweat to much. Anyhow, does this one help control sweat?

  2. Heather says:

    Wow! Such ridiculously great timing!! I’m pregnant and have tried all sorts of natural deodorants…and let’s just say I’ve gotten used to my “natural” aroma. Would love to find one that actually keeps the smell at bay. I live in AZ, so it’s difficult to ship any here without melting in the mailbox (oops, found that out the hard way). Looked up the store locator, and found out it’s made in Portland, OR — where my mom just so happens to be right now!! I just had her pick up a couple. Can’t wait to try it out!! Thanks for the review.

  3. I started with real foods now I’m looking for personal items. So I’m new at this. With this product, do you use your fingers and rub in ? Sorry I’m so dumb LOL

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Yes, it comes with a little tool kind of like a mini spatula so you don’t have to dig it out with your fingers and get it in your fingernails. However, you do rub it in with your fingers.

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