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My Whole Food Journey 3.3.13 – Sunday School

sunday school

I thought it might be good to share what I’ve been learning this week.  It’ll be a rabbit trail…that’s how I roll.  But, if you’re on this whole food journey with me these are things you might also like to know.

First, I baked some homemade English Muffins.  I have the recipe here on my pinterest board {along with other yummy bread recipes}. They turned out fantastic!  Not any trouble at all – just a bit of wait time.  I’ll definitely make this recipe again.  I made breakfast sandwiches with these with eggs and my favorite Wellshire turkey ham. Mmmmm.  Wholesome food at its finest.  AND, since I made these on the weekend {when I have a bit more time} my family can enjoy them all week {or as along as they last} while I’m away at work.

Next, I did a bit of research on tooth remineralisation.  I had heard a crazy story about someone not having cavities filled, but having them HEALED by tooth remineralisation.  I was curious….so I did a bit of research.  I started here then I read a bit more and found that there a LOTS of stories of people having similar experiences!  Wow!  So, now I’m on the hunt for a non-glycerin toothpaste.  {You need toothpaste without glycerin to remineralize your teeth}.  I found out that finding non-glycerin toothpaste was much more difficult than it sounds like.   I checked labels on ALL the toothpaste at my local Whole Foods and I found out that ALL of them have glycerin. :(

So, then I found a recipe here to make my own toothpaste.  {She has LOTS more recipes for other flavors too!}.  I know, it sounds weird.  But, the toothpaste actually sounds like it would taste kinda good!  And, it seems simple {and frugal} enough.  I just might try it!  I let you know when I do this little experiment. :)

My next stop on my bunny trail was a great article by Butter Believer, “Why I am Never Getting My Cholesterol Levels Checked Again.”  I highly recommend this article {I’m telling all my family to read it}.  It is definitely worth a read a good discussion.

Chocolate Syrup

And finally, I researched how to make homemade chocolate syrup and had a MAJOR success.  I shared the contents of my refrigerator last week and told you guys that I knew we had to find an alternative to the Hershey’s syrup {I’m kicking high fructose corn syrup and this was the final hold it had on us!}.  Judah said, “This is way better than that other kind {the store bought kind}, lets make this every day!”  And, that is saying a lot – he is my four year old chocolate milk connoisseur. :)

I’ll share my recipe this week!  So, stay tuned!

What have you learned this week?  Read anything good this week?  I’d love some more leads on my Wholesome Journey!


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