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My Home School Lesson Planner

We’ve been gearing up for home school for about a month now and have a full week of school under our belts! I’ve been busy cleaning up our school room, figuring out which curriculum to use, purchasing curriculum, reading curriculum, buying school supplies, and making plans. I’ve got a series of posts I want to share with you about all of these things so you can see what we’re doing this year.

Home School Organization with Frixion Clicker Pilot Pens from WholesomeMommy.com

First up, my lesson planner. I’m an organizer, a planner, a goal setter, a list maker. Its what I do. Its how I work. Its how I stay SANE. I used to be one of those people who used COUNTLESS post it notes. And, while I still use them here and there, my list making has become a bit more organized over the years.

Most of you already know that I was a public school teacher for ten years. A lot of what I do for home school is very similar to what I did in my public school classroom, and having a lesson planner is definitely one of those things. Although I changed from planning lessons for 23 – 25 students to just one {and a tag along little sister who sometimes wants to do what were doing}, the task is still the same: peruse curriculum, make notes of what I will do each day in each subject, and then make copies, prepare games, supplies, etc. to complete those lessons.

We’ve decided on a four day school week, giving me one day to plan while the kiddos do what school teachers might call “free choice.” On Friday, my kiddos play kitchen, store, build train tracks, or paint pictures while I fill out my lesson plan for the next week.

What does that lesson planner look like? I’ve had a myriad of different planners over the past 10+ years. Each year I think about what it is I am going to be recording before I decide on a lesson planner.  I take note of how many subjects, what curriculums I’ll be using for said subjects, and how much space I think I’ll need to write enough to jog my memory when mommy brain sets in.  I’ve had my eye on an Erin Condren planner for YEARS, but couldn’t bring myself to pay that kind of money.  So, I hit up one of my favorite places on the internet: Etsy, to find something similar that would fit my needs.  I settled on this “Printable Lesson Planner Kit” by TrewStudio.  For just $10 I had the files to print the lesson planner just like I wanted it.

I printed the pages on my home printer, back and front, but if you choose to do something similar you could also have the pages printed at a local print shop. Once I had the pages in the order I wanted, I took them to the UPS store to have them bound into what you see here {the binding cost me less than $3}.  This solution got me a lesson planner just a beautiful and useful as the aforementioned one at MUCH less {about 1/4 the cost}.

Lesson Planner adding tabs for organization from wholesomemommy.com

To make the planner easy to navigate, I added some printable tabs that I picked up at Walmart for each month.

Pencil and Pen for Lesson Plans at WholesomeMommy.com

I’ve ALWAYS written my lesson plans in pencil.  That’s because I don’t like to scribble things out and since there isn’t a whole lot of room to scratch something out and rewrite over and over, you either have to get it right the first time or your left with a mess when using pen.  I change my mind a lot during the process so pencil has always been my choice. However, I don’t like how the pencil sometimes smudges. I also like to be able to look back at my lesson planner the following year to see how I did things when I am trying to plan a new school year. Writing in pencil sometimes make things hard to read when looking back at it down the road.

Frixion Clicker Pilot Pen Review from WholesomeMommy.com

This year, I was sent some Frixion gel pens by Pilot to try out. They are available at Walmart and come in packs of 7 colors like the one above or in packs of 3 colors {red, blue, and black}.  They are ERASABLE pens.  I know what your thinking. Its probably what I was thinking at first… erasable pens don’t work. I mean, I look back at my experience with erasable pens…they were a required school supply round about the time I was a freshman in high school, you know, to WRITE term papers with {man those were the stone ages!}. They never REALLY erased. They mostly smudged and at best they only “sort of” erased, leaving behind faint blue or black letters underneath the new writing.

Erasable Pens that Really Erase from WholesomeMommy.com

These pens by Pilot are different. They REALLY erase!  Plus they come in LOTS of fun colors – not just blue and black.  Check out my photo above to see just what I mean about them really erasing.  I also love how silky smooth the ink is. I know its abnormal to have such an infatuation with school supplies…but I do. :)

I am REALLY excited about the idea of using pen in my lesson planner. It makes the lessons more permanent {without the risk of ruining it with changing my mind!}. How about you, do you have a lesson planner for your home school?


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  1. Those pens are awesome! I used them in university when making graphs or editing papers. One of my profs thought they were so handy she got them too. Especially when calculating the gini coefficient of multiple countries. Economics for the win!

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