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Mother – Daughter Day

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I finally did it.  I have been saying for years that I needed to get my eyes checked.  I teach school where they do vision screenings with the children each year and every year I say, “I really need to get my eyes checked.  I haven’t had it done since I was there age!”  But, every year I never seem to get around to making an appointment.  Sad isn’t it?  I mean, I take care of all my children’s and husband’s doctor visits but never seem to find he time to make my own!

So, last week my mom and I went to the Walmart Vision Center and had our eyes checked together!  A mother daughter wellness day!  We just walked in, neither one us made an appointment {which you can do} and they were able to get to us almost immediately!  I was really surprised at how quickly they saw us.

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I seriously have not had my eyes checked since grade school.  So, I wasn’t entirely sure what it would be like.  They checked my eyes with two different machines and then I went back into the doctor’s office to read the eye chart.  The doctor at the Summerville, Georgia vision center was beyond helpful!  He explained that I had an astigmatism and that actually that was pretty normal.  He said more than 50% off people have it and it can be mild, medium, or severe.  He said mine was very mild and in fact he didn’t recommend wearing glasses for it because it would make me more dependent on them.  But, he wrote my prescription and left it up to me.

Then, my mom got her eyes checked.  I got to sit in the office with her and the doctor asked me if I would like to see how she sees without her glasses.  Of course, I said yes!  And man is her vision bad {LOL}.  The doctor pulled out two small round lenses and said to hold them up to my eyes and I would be able to see the room like she did.  Everything was blurry!

I helped mom pick out a new pair of frames for her bifocals.   I was surprised to learn that Walmart had frames for as low as $9.  There were also frames for $28, $48, $58, and up.  I decided to take the doctor’s advice and skip the glasses for now.  It was a relief to know I still have good vision.  My entire family wears glasses and I would have been kicking myself if had needed glasses after waiting so long to have my vision checked.

Walmart also offers NUMBEROUS types of contacts that you can purchase in store or online.   They even carry new Equate 1 Day Disposable “Dailies” which are contacts that you change daily – great for people who suffer from allergies or who have an active lifestyle. You can read more about them here.

The eye exam was very affordable at just $59 {this will vary store to store}.  Mom said she paid much more at the doctor she visited last time and that the price was still higher than Walmart’s price even after the doctor filed the insurance.  I did find out that the Walmart Vision Center does take many types/brands of health insurance so make sure to find out if yours is one they file.  And, getting your glasses after they fit them and add lenses takes about ten {or fewer days} – which is a super quick turnaround.

What have you done for yourself lately?

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