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Moroccan Flatbread with Rockin’ Raisin Marinara

Moroccan Flatbread

When I was faced with making a new appetizer recipe incorporating raisins I immediately thought of all the sweet foods I enjoy raisins in: cookies, pastries, pies, and charoseth.  But, I wanted something different.  My brain went to a Moroccan dish that a friend made for me once: Moroccan Chicken Stew.  I remembered this dish had golden raisins and tomatoes, along with beans and peppers, and chicken and I loved the sweet and spice together.   I thought about how to spin this dish into something more portable.  Something a guest could hold while sipping a glass of wine.  Pizza!  Everyone loves pizza, right?

Well, this is a Moroccan spin on pizza… flatbread.  Flatbread made from pita to be exact.  Instead of a traditional Italian marinara I decided to add spices that would be more “Moroccan” like cumin, mint, and raisins in place of oregano and basil.  The raisins are the real star in this dish – not only adding a powerful cancer fighting punch with it’s team up with tomatoes, but also the raisins give the sauce an element of sweetness.  The sweetness of the raisins in chorus with the smokiness of the cumin makes for a great flavor combo.

What became of this kitchen experiment was something magical.  My guinea pigs {also known as my family} gave it rave reviews.  We were all shocked at how delicious this turned out.  It really is a fine dining restaurant quality dish that you can make in your home fairly simply.

I used homemade whole wheat pita which added an hour to my prep time.  You can get the recipe here.  But you can totally use store bought flatbread or pita for this to speed up the process a bit – especially if you are preparing this appetizer for a large party.  I also used rotisserie chicken, another great time saver.  If you use store bought pita and deli rotisserie chicken, you’ll be able to whip this recipe up in 15 to 20 minutes.


Here’s how to make your own:

Fun Fact:  California Raisins are grown in the San Joaquin Valley in California by FAMILIES.  It is a family business and many of the farms have been in the family for more than a century and knowledge is passed from generation to generation.  Doesn’t that make your feel warm and fuzzy? :)

flatbread 4

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  1. I did a flatbread for my challenge ingredient as well! Yours looks great! Best of luck in the challenge and hope to say hi at EWR!

  2. Your flatbread sounds amazing – love the flavor combo. Hope to meet you in Philly!

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Thanks for stopping by Shelby! I am looking forward to meeting some new faces in the space as well! ;)

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