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Month 4 Release! REAL food on a Food Stamp Budget – Month 4 – The Summer Edition

Are you a subscriber to this blog?  If so, you should have received a very special newsletter from me last night. I released month 4 of the REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget  meal plans. Over 10,000 people {that I know of – that are subscribed} are receiving these meal plans – FOR FREE. It’s not too late to get your hands on a free copy…for a limited time.

WholesomeMommys-Healthy-Real-Food-Meals-on-a-Food-Stamp-Budget - FREE Printables

There are absolutely no strings attached.  I merely have been heeding the call of the Lord that I’ve felt on my own life for several years – to feed people.  At first, I thought that might mean by donating food, volunteering at a food bank, or even baking bread for people {all of which I’ve done and continue to do as I feel lead and I have the opportunity}. But, then the Lord showed me how I could leverage my online community to reach even more people and in a way “feed people.”

I realized that I could combine the knowledge that I’ve learned about REAL food while researching for my own family’s benefit with the skills I’ve learned to be frugal from my couponing days and by watching my own, very wise mother.  The combination came as a meal plan to help begin to show others how to pair things to make cheap meals that are healthy and filling.

I’m a southern gal. I like simple recipes without all those “gourmet” or trendy, hard to find ingredients.  I mean come on…whose got time for finding those obscure items anyway?  And, I’m sure as heck not going to find them in the little hick town I live in…as much as I love it here, it isn’t exactly known as a “foodie town.”  So, my recipes will reflect that. They are good, down-home cooking that everyone in your family is bound to love – even those picky eaters.

The grocery lists reflect the prices I paid. Of course, different parts of the US have more competitive prices  or will cost more than what I paid. These prices are there to help guide you – to know if you are going to go over or under my original cost.  The total cost of the meal plan is also there. Of course, if you already have a simply stocked spice cabinet you’ll save a bit more, and it might so happen that some of these ingredients already sit waiting to be used in your pantry as well, saving you even more. Regardless, even if you’re fridge, freezer, and pantry resemble that of Old Mother Hubbard, you’ll be able to eat well on a very limited budget – even a food stamp budget.

To get your copy:

Go to http://wholesomemommy.com/ and enter your email address right up at the top, right corner and then be sure to look in your inbox for a confirmation email. You need to open it and click the link to begin receiving all the fun free stuff!

Mobile Readers:

Go to http://www.feedblitz.com/f/?Sub=925950&cids=1 and enter your email address. Then, be sure to look in your inbox for a confirmation email. You need to open it and click the link to begin receiving all the fun free stuff!

I hope if you enjoy these meal plans you’ll consider sharing this post with your friends and family – or even a stranger in need.  I’d love to get these meal plans into as many hands as possible. I appreciate your willingness to share and I love the thought of eventually reaching 100,000 families.

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  1. Christine says:

    Please send month 4 i did not receive it. Thank you

  2. Rochelle says:

    I also haven’t received month 2&3. Do I need to unsubscribe & subscribe again?

  3. I received the email, but it came through as a bunch of code. Thank you for taking the time to write these menus!

  4. I’ve received all the other emails, but I, too, did not get the food stamp budget for some reason.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Could you send me month 4? I did not receive it although I am subscribed.

  6. Please resend mine too, I didn’t get it.

  7. Laura Craver says:

    I did not receive month 4 either. I am subscribed, but I can resubscribe, if need be.

  8. I also didn’t think I’d gotten mine. I went looking as I know I’d been receiving the regular emails in my inbox but I found the meals with the SNAP meal plans in my spam folder. I do clean my spam folder out on a regular basis so I am also missing the last few months of meal plans.

    • Karla…you were right! Thank you so much for the tip…There it was hiding in my spam folder, though I know not why.

  9. I have not received my month 4 plan yet. I checked my subscription even though I had been receiving emails from you. I tried to subscribe and it said I was already subscribed. However, I received an email asking me to confirm my subscription, so I did. Since then I received the email that sent me to this post, but no month 4 plan. I checked my email and spam folders as well.

  10. I did not receive the Month 4 plan either. i do get your emails on a regular basis, but for some reason this did not come??? maybe you could resend to all your subscribers? PLEASE! :) i do use them and are VERY thankful for all your hard work to help the rest of us. The Lord will bless you for all you have done.

  11. Same here. :(

  12. Katherine says:

    I got the regular Month 4 Meal Plan but not the Food Stamps one… :(
    Can you resend it? Please and thank you :)

  13. Robin Hedgpeth says:

    I haven’t received ANY of them and I subscribe to your blog. Please email them to me. Thank you.

  14. Donna Duncan says:

    I haven’t received any of them either, and I had actually forgotten about it until I read the comments above. I would like to have all four months sent to me via email. Thank u very much!

  15. I’m a subscriber and have been since the beginning of the “food stamp” series. I got your email today but not the fourth installment email. Thanks.

  16. I’m a new member to the blog. I would like to have all four months sent to me by e-mail. Thanks.

  17. christy says:

    I am a subscriber and have not received any of the months emails. Can you please email me all 4 as well.

  18. I received month 4 and LOVE it! It has so many yummy recipes perfect for summer grilling and taking advantage of garden veggies! Thank you so much, Mrs. Denise, for your dedication to helping us mommies put healthy food in our family’s belly on a tight budget. May God bless you!

  19. Hi loving this post so much. I have received the first batch but I am not seeing months 2-4 in my box either? Love the blog!!

  20. I too have not been able to receive any of the menu’s. I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing, checked my boxes. Could you please email them to me. I am so interested and need these menus. I appreciate all the time and energy you have gone through to do this. Thank you so much for reaching out to the many in need. Thanks so much, Kathy Flanagan

  21. Hi – I didn’t receive my month 4 plan either – I am subscribed, checked my spam and nothing. Please send them.

  22. I am a subscriber but I have not received the month 4 email. Please resend.

  23. Lorena Rivera says:


    I subscribed and would like to receive last month’s information. Months 1-3. Please send. I tried searching the site for a while with no luck.

  24. I received an email for both [;ans but cannot access the SNAP plan. It just brings me back to this page. I am also already a subscriber. Thanks in advance,.

  25. I signed up for the real food on a food stamp budget and I have yet to receive the menu plans

  26. Vera barker says:


    Thank you for all your hard work! You are so amazing for doing all this for us!

    I believe the link to the grocery list, recipe list, and menu is missing from this page altogether. I found this in my spam, but no way to get to the goods of your fabulous program…:-/

    Help us Denise! We are lost without that link…lol

  27. I am a subscriber but have only received Month 1 so far (in late June). I truly appreciate all of the work you do and am excited to see what great ideas you have to share!

  28. I accidentally deleted this copy of my newsletter. How can i get another?

  29. I got the email stating it was coming but i have not gotten month 4, can you resend?

  30. I never received month 4 and an subscribed. I checked my junk folders and it’s not there either. Could I have all 4 months resent to me please and thank you.

  31. Stephanie says:

    I also have not received Month 4 & have not seen anything in my spam folder. I have gotten all the other emails without issue. Could you resend?

    Appreciate all your hardwork! These plans are so helpful!

  32. brittany says:

    I’ve signed up and would like to receive this informstion . Thanks

  33. I, too, get all of the other emails except this one.

  34. veronica stilley says:

    I signed up when you first started. I received month 1 and that was all. I checked the spam folder also and nothing. Can I get them all sent again.

  35. Jillian says:

    It says I’m subscribed but I never received the meal plans. Any of them. :(

  36. I did not receive the month 4 menus. Could they be re-sent?
    Thank you!

  37. Nikki Fuller says:

    I am also a subscriber and didn’t receive it. :-( I also can no longer get into the months 1 and 2 that were previously sent. Thanks for doing this! It makes clean eating more doable and possible even for my family of 7. I just double it.

  38. I have also scoured my spam folder, unsubscribed, resubscribed and still no month 4 :(

  39. Would you mind sending me month 4 again? Thanks!

  40. Hi I have subscribed but have not received anything…checked my spam folder as well and nothing there????

  41. Hi, I have been suscribed since the beginning of the SNAP Challenge and have never been able to access any of the meal plans. Could you please send them to me? Thank you!

  42. Hello,

    I never received month 4. Can you please re-send it to me? I check my subscription and it says I am still subscribed. Not sure what happened. Thank you!!!! Your work on this is amazing and has helped me get by on a tight budget (Single mom with 2 teenagers who are ALWAYS hungry)

  43. I love these plans! Is there a way to get month four resent? I had it, saved it, used the first week, and now cannot find it in my email :( Thank you so much!

  44. New subby. Please email me the real food on food stamp budget

  45. Hi! I would really like to get all of these monthly meal plans. I signed up for your newsletter but I don’t know how to go about getting a hold of these. It would be much easier if there was a clickable link on these individual pages to download a pdf.

  46. I cannot seem to find my Snap menu plans. Could you please send them to me? Thank you so very much.

  47. Nicole Belding says:

    I am I subscriber and accessed your first three months but now can’t find them and never received month four. Could you please email them all to me? Thank you so much for putting the SNAP plans together. You have really helped our family during a tight time!

  48. I have been a subscriber for since month 3, but somehow I have lost that months email and I haven’t received month 4 either. is there any way I can get them resent and possibly month 1 and 2 also. this time i will be sure to check my Spam folder before cleaning it out :/ lol

  49. Hi- how can I get all of the plans if I just subcribed? Thank you!!

  50. I am a new subscriber and received month 4 how do I receive the past months?

    Thanks for this amazing set of blogs!

  51. I signed up but did not receive the meal plan. .not in my spam either. Should I unsubscribe and resend?

  52. I also did not receive month 4 and don’t have it in my spam folder… Can you please send a link?
    I am getting started on month 1 and hoping this helps revamp my whole grocery budget plus change the way we eat!

  53. Gardenpat says:

    I have loved this series and have been using it to help families in need at our church menu plan. I’ve loved the grocery lists with price references as well as the prep instructions week by week! It’s obvious that you’ve put a lot of time into this series! My question then is: will there be a month 5 or 6 at any point? Not to sound greedy because I have no doubt that these have taken a large time commitment on your part, only because I keep thinking that there were 6 months in the series.

    Thank you again so much for your dedication in this!

  54. I have just joined. Could you please send me all months of meal planning please. Thank You

  55. Hi

    I only found your website, its amazing! i live in Ireland and working on a tight budget is very relevant to many people including myself. i have subscribed and recieved the plan for month 4 but cant seem to find the first 3 months. i wonder if your not too busy could you please forward them on.

  56. Just signed up for your newsletter/emails. I especially look forward to the rerelease of the meal plans for the food stamp budget.

  57. Catherine says:

    Hi Denise,
    I have just subscribed to your blog, but I too am most interested in all the old SNAP menus. I hope we’ll get to follow them soon. Thank you for all your hard work.

  58. Marilyn Wilbur says:

    I am unable to sign up. I keep getting the error page saying that my e-mail address is not valid. Please help

  59. amanda Silge says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I can get months 3 and 4 sent to me? Is there somewhere on your website with the links?

    I love months 1 and 2…and am starting over, trying to save money :)

  60. veronica cummings says:

    I keep trying to sign up and I keep getting an error. What can I do?

  61. Hi there,

    I was interested to see your real food on a food stamp budget meal plans, but no matter what I do, I keep getting a message that my email is not valid, so I can’t sign up. I can assure you, it is valid. Has anyone else had issues?

  62. How do I get months 1-3??

  63. I am also getting the message that my email is not valid. Please advise. I am extremely interested in learning more. This is an answer to the questions I have been asking.

  64. I am also getting the message that my email is not valid. I have tried 3 different e-mail addresses. :) I was subscribed already, but accidentally deleted the email before downloading.

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