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Menu Plan 8.29.11

Today is my first day back at work at the school.  I am going to miss my little Judah bug but I have a feeling it won’t be too long before I am home again – with another baby to care for!  I have been having some mild contractions and lots of pressure.  Those things are bearable, it is the numbness in my fingers and feet that are driving me crazy!!   Oh well, it can’t be too much longer!

Since this week will be filled with work and I am already exhausted, I have an easy menu planned.  Here’s what we are having:

On to this week’s meal plan: {need a planner? Use my printable 2 week plan here}

:: Monday
Shortrib beef soft tacos
chips and cheese

:: Tuesday
Tuna Casserole
Garlic Bread
Fresh Fruit

:: Wednesday
Grilled Pizza with turkey pepperoni
mozzarella, onions, and mushrooms

Turkey Sausage
Sliced Tomatoes
Fried Squash

:: Friday
Out to dinner

:: Saturday

:: Sunday
Cubed Steak
Green Beans

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