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Menu Plan 11.5.12

This week I did my best to link up the recipes that I have here on my site.  So, there are several hyperlinks in this post that will take you to the recipes if you are interested.  I know I’ve had several of you asking and I stopped and took time to do it this evening.

I’m also trying a couple of new recipes this week, so if they turn out well, I’ll be sharing them here are little later. 😉

Its a busy week as usual in the Sawyer household.  I’ve got work, appointments, and Pirate Night at the school this week.  Luckily, I’ll be bringing my kids along for Pirate night so I won’t be away from them too much this week.  I’ll also be squeezing in some time for some baking time with Judah and Eliana (she already loves to bang the measuring spoons).  Hope you’re week is a swell one!

Need a planner? Use my printable 2 week plan here}

:: Monday
Honey Lemon Chicken
Sauteed Cabbage
Scalloped Corn
Honey Biscuits

Blackened Tilapia
Cheesy Polenta
Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

:: Wednesday
Trying a New Recipe
Shells with Peas and Mushrooms
French Bread

Lazy Mama Vegetable Soup

Refried Rice

:: Saturday
Mashed Potatoes
Squash Casserole
Green Veggies?

:: Sunday
Leftovers 😉

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