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Real Food for REAL Families: Chili Night

Real Food doesn’t have to be fancy or difficult. As a matter of fact, many of your family’s go to meals are probably real food already – with a few tweaks of the ingredients – like swapping milk for organic milk, or canned tomatoes for canned tomatoes in BPA free cans, or conventional beef for grass fed beef. Chili is a meal that makes it across everyone’s table at some point or another. It is quick, easy, warm on a cold night, and can even be REAL food.

On a cold night like tonight, chili is a great meal to make and there will be plenty for lunch the next day.  Or, pop the rest in the freezer and it is wonderful left over several weeks (or months!) later when you need a quick meal. Just thaw and heat.

Everyone has their own chili recipe and opinions on how to make it (and who makes the best) can be strong and the debate can get heated!  So, I am going to share my recipe, but I am not making any statements about it being the best!  :)

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  1. You might want to try ground turkey for a lower calorie chili.

    I changed to chili and actually like it better than beef.

    I always had crackers with chili, but recently have been making cornbread. I got a new cast iron ‘chili’ pot from QVC, and the lid is a cornbread form..makes 8 trianges…bakes perfectly.

    Always open to try something new.

  2. My favorite way for chili is putting it on spaghetti – Cincinnati-style. (It’s also a great way to use up leftover pasta! lol)

  3. My husband has been making a huge pot of chili every Sunday for the past year. To him it’s an art! For about $10 we get a great hot supper and he divides and freezes the rest to have for lunch for the rest of the week!

  4. My 16 year old son makes a smoked turkey chili that is to die for. We get a bird on sale, smoke it in a smoker we got for free (another story) and use that meat in chili (as well as a few other things. The most expensive thing is Dos Equis Amber, but you don’t have to use that.

  5. Stephaney says:

    Have you tried this with your bbq chicken and tater tot casserole? Instead of using the bbq chicken, maybe top the tater tots with leftover chili, from the night before, and then bake.

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