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Manly Meat and Potato Quiche

Quiche. Men think its lady food – too dainty and not nearly enough filling.  But, I’ve got a solution for that – fill that quiche will the things guys love – meat and potatoes, and maybe, just maybe, you can get your manly man to jump on board with this dish.  REAL food can be frugal and filling and this dish is a testament of that.
Manly Meat and Potato Quiche from WholesomeMommy

I actually enjoy quiche, but since I no longer buy pie crust {I make my own}, I don’t get around to it very often.  Its not that pie crust is hard to make – it just takes a bit more time.  But, this quiche doesn’t use pie crust! The base is potatoes, crispy golden hash browns to be exact, and who doesn’t love potatoes?  You’ve probably almost always got them on hand.

And, besides the fact that this quiche is layered with potatoes and eggs {two frugal choices} you can pretty much tailor the other ingredients to your liking or to what is currently in your refrigerator! The meat can be just a handful or leftover meat from the fridge: a leftover hamburger patty crumbled up, a bit of breakfast sausage, a handful or leftover shredded chicken, or even a bit of diced lunch meat.  And the cheese is not set in stone either.  You could easily use a bit of mozzarella, some Swiss, or a mixture if you don’t have enough of one kind.  So, don’t tell your family, but this gorgeous pie is actually a “clean out your refrigerator” meal. :)

Meat and Potato Quiche from WholesomeMommy.com


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  1. Thanks for the recipe! I made this tonight for dinner using leftover ham, and added a little green onion. My husband told me that he did NOT want me to make quiche any other way from now on :)

  2. I’ll have to try this. It looks quite yummy though I don’t think it takes any longer to make pie crust than shred the potatoes, but for something different we would like it (other than my grandson who doesn’t like potatoes.)

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