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Making a New Tradition – Family Game Time Matters


The coming weeks are great family time.  Most of us have a bit of time off from the daily grind: aka – work.  What better time to start a fun family tradition that you can keep going all year long… family game time.  It doesn’t take but a few minutes of your time and it will leave a lasting memory in your child’s mind.

My husband DJ and I spend a few minutes each night reading a book or playing a simple game with Judah.  He is almost four now and with a baby sister taking up more than her share of our time, he really needs a few minutes of one on one time with us without his sister.  I am usually exhausted in the evening and my to do list is nagging at me, but I try to take a minute every night to do something quick with Judah.

We’ve started a collection of board games and card games that are simple enough for Judah and not too absurd for his parents to play. 😉  Most of the games we have so far only take a minute or two – short enough that we can play a couple of rounds with him. These two from Blue Orange games are two of our absolute favorites!  They are so fun – and they are made of strong wood.  That means these games will still be in great shape when Eliana gets a bit older and decided she wants to join us for family game time.


The first one is this one called Chickyboom!  It is a balancing game where you take off the pieces one at a time.  The first person to make the balancing beam fall/the pieces fall is the loser!  But, there are other ways to play too. Each piece has a different point value painted on the bottom and you can add up your points once the beam falls. The person with the most points wins!  This makes it easy for all ages to play – even those who can’t add yet.  It is a lot of fun and Judah is learning a lot too – about weight and strategy.  The pieces are so nice too.  The weight of the wood is heavy and not cheap feeling.  This game has gotten a lot of play already!


We have also had a lot of fun with another wooden board game from Blue Orange games called Pengoloo.  This game is kind of like memory.  Each wooden penguin sits on a colored wooden egg.  To start you roll the two dice.  Each die has the colors represented on the sides.  You get to pick up two penguins.  If you find a penguin with a matching colored egg {to your die color} then you get to keep them.  If you find both colors you rolled then you get to keep them both AND you get to roll again.  Like Chicky Boom! there are alternate ways to play making it easier or harder for younger or older children.  Even DJ and I enjoyed this game a lot {and found it a bit tricky!  I have a terrible memory! lol}.  This is also a great game to play with grandparents {they need a good brain work out – keeps ’em young! lol}.

These games are so awesome – they more than surpassed my expectations as far as being fun for the whole family AND most of all in quality.  But, regardless of if you run out to get these games or different ones, make  it a new tradition to spend a few minutes with your children each night.  It will pay back HUGE for you one day. 😉

What kinds of things does your family do to spend quality time together?


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