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Grilling… Just for Summer?

I love to grill, chicken, steak, hamburgers, hotdogs, and even pizza!  But, with the summer heat in Georgia, I actually prefer to grill in the Fall.  Outdoor entertaining happns during the summer at my parent’s house since they have a pool, but I prefer to have company over for outdoor dinner and fellowship during the fall since we don’t have a pool.  It is much cooler and the weather is so nice.  Some nights we can even light a small fire in our fire pit.  To me, this is the “grilling season.”

And, this grilling season, I am looking forward to using some of World Harbors marinades.  There are a bunch to choose from.  The teriyaki is always delicious whether you like it on chicken or pork.  I really like the Almalfi Coast Italian Grill on chicken and vegetables.  And, the lemon pepper and garlic is also good on just about anything.

I like to cook extra chicken so that we can use it to top green salads, pasta, pasta salads, or sandwiches later in the week.

Here’s a recipe that is sure to please – and it is not your regular run of the mill chicken!

Do you have picky kids?  You can serve the chicken with any sauce they like – that is the nice thing about chicken satay!  Plus kids love eating things off sticks and anything they can dip!

Disclosure: I received compensation for my time writing this post.

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  1. I love the idea of this sauce. My oldest hates sauce of any kind, but I bet he would love the chicken satay even without the sauce. My youngest boy, he loves sauce of any kind. So, this might be a win-win!!

  2. Hey, Denise! Can’t wait to try these – where do you buy yours? Does Walmart carry them or do you have to get them from Earth Fare or somewhere else? See you tomorrow (unless E comes soon??)! ;-)

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