Grilled Chicken with Cranberry and Watermelon Chutney

Chicken with Cranberry and Watermelon Chutney

Looking for something different to do with the same ol’ chicken for dinner? This is a simple preparation that will wow every member of your family.  Since the weather is still perfect for grilling right now, I grilled the chicken. However, you could easily bake, pan fry, or throw this chicken in a countertop grill just as easily {and it would taste just as delicious}. Do what is easy for you on a weeknight!

The sauce is what makes this dish and it really couldn’t be easier {or more beautiful!}.  This is NOTHING like that canned cranberry sauce that your granny serves at Thanksgiving. This is a wonderful sauce that has notes of both sweet and tart.

With Thanksgiving and cranberries making their debut very soon, I had to share this recipe with you.  Here’s a tip: When Thanksgiving rolls around and is gone and cranberries go on sale as grocers are trying to move what is left before they go bad, buy up several extra bags and toss them in the freezer.  I always do this just so I can make this dish anytime of year I want to!  {They are also delicious in my Cranberry, Orange, & Pecan Muffins…so buy LOTS!}.


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