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Get Ready for Company – What’s your Method?

Are you the type of person who has a cleaning schedule – very methodical and organized, or are you a mad dash kind of person?  I’ve tried to stick to a schedule and do a little every day but honestly I like to do it all in one day.  I know it sounds crazy, but there is something about the way a clean house smells, it is relaxing and comforting to me.  And, when I do a little each day it never feels clean, you know?  If I clean the bathrooms on Monday and then don’t vacuum until Friday, the house doesn’t ever feel totally clean to me.

So, typically when the house starts to get out of control I do a major clean up.  I mean, I do a quick clean every day picking up and putting things back in the rooms where they belong, loading and unloading the dishwasher, and running a load of laundry.  You understand, – a mom’s work is never done!  But, I mean I really bust a move about once a week.

Of course, cleaning around here looks a little different now that I have two littles in constant need of something. Eliana typically does more sleeping until lunch time and is more awake after lunch so I have to get the majority of the cleaning done early.  So, I start with the bathrooms.  I keep all the cleaning products and a roll of paper towels, like Brawny in the bathroom.  That way, I don’t have to waste time rounding up the cleaning products – they are right in the room where they will be used (in the linen closet in the bathroom on a top shelf above the towels).  Then, I pick up and get things back where they belong and round up garbage as I go from room to room.  I like to use Glad bags for the kitchen garbage can and I recycle my Walmart bags for all the bathroom cans.  Following that I load and unload the dishes, clean the kitchen sink and counters, and strip the beds.

In between cleaning room to room I swap the clothes in the washer and dryer – making sure to get the sheets and towels all washed up for the week.  I like to use fabric softener or dryer sheets with my sheets but I don’t use it on my towels.  My mom always said that the dryer sheets/fabric softener kept the towels from being as absorbent as they could be, so I skip it on those loads.

The rest of the cleaning doesn’t happen until my husband gets home.  Then, he can entertain the littles while I run the vacuum through the whole house and on the furniture, mop the kitchen, and get dinner cooked.  Right before bed we make the beds together.

To read more about my cleaning routines check out my post here.

That’s it, that’s my mad dash house cleaning.   How about you? How do you get the cleaning done and ready for visitors?

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  1. I completely agree with the cleaning in one day but unfortunately with our crazy schedules it’s hard to get it done in one day. So I find myself tackling a room or two at a time which I agree it doesn’t make me feel as if the house is truly clean. On rare occasions when my husband is home I try to tackle it all at once!

  2. I also try to keep on dishes, laundry, etc. but once in a while it is just about getting the majority of it done in one day. Although I need to buy more containers, etc. to get more organized, because sometimes it seems like I’m moving it from one place to the next.

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