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Fun Fall Snacks: Colored Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Since Eliana has made her entry into this world I’ve been trying to find a little time each day to do something fun with Judah.  This is usually during Eliana’s napping in the morning.  I think it is important to give him a little private time with mommy and I enjoy it also.

Last week we had fun doing a few fall projects.  I’ve been finding lots of great ideas on Pinterest and you can see whatI’ve been finding by checking out my boards here.

One idea I found that Judah and I did together were these delicious little chocolate covered pretzels.  Chocolate covered pretzels are always a hit – who doesn’t love this salty and sweet snack?! – and we made them especially for fall to share with some friends by using Wilton chocolates in orange, yellow, and white.

I melted each color one at a time and dipped the pretzels using a skewer allowing the extra chocolate to drip back in the bowl.  I put them on parchment paper to dry.  My sous chef, Judah, helped by putting the sprinkles on while the chocolate was still wet.  I had some sprinkles in these exact same colors that I had picked up in the fall baking stuff.

It took a little reminding to get him to ease up on the sprinkle coverage. (:  I kept reminding him to “save some for the other pretzels,” and to “only use a little.”  He had so much fun though.

And my sprinkle-covered kitchen floors were proof. (:

Once all the colored pretzels were done and dry I packaged them up into small little bags and added a cute sticker that read, From the Kitchen of Denise Sawyer. I purchased this digital file a while back on Etsy and now I can print and punch these cut tags/stickers any time I want.

Judah, Eliana, and I delivered these to my coworkers at Berry College the following day.  Judah had fun helping me hand out our creations.  And, we kept a few for ourselves too… and they were yummy!

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  1. Those look yummy! I should try doing those with my little guys.

  2. Oh my goodness! Judah looks JUST LIKE YOU in that picture :)

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