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Field Trip to Fernbank Museum


The week before last my family visited Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.  I’ve been planning to take Judah for several months and we finally made the voyage. {It takes a lot to motivate this lady to drive in Atlanta traffic! Lol}.  I knew he’d be in love as soon as he laid eyes on the place.  Judah is our aspiring paleontologist {much like many a four year old}.


All of the exhibits were wonderful.  So much to learn and see.  But, of course Judah’s favorite parts were the dinosaur exhibits.  Lucky for us, there was two giant skeletons in the middle of the museum as well as several replicas like this one in the dinosaur room and outside the cafeteria like the one in the first photo.  There were also other great exhibits, like the Wold of Shells and the Walk through Time in Georgia.


We took our time and enjoyed the museum all afternoon.  Our last stop was was Fernbank Naturequest, a spot just for curious kids.  My kids didn’t want to leave!  There were so many things to do and see…and TOUCH!  They loved climbing the tree house, uncovering dinosaur fossils, putting together sea life puzzles, jumping in virtual streams, and finding hidden wildlife.  I’m glad we saved this exhibit for last or else we wouldn’t have made it to any other part of the museum!


After a long day at the museum we decided to have a little snack {which I brought along in our cooler} before heading home.  We had some Stonyfield YoKid Smoothies {Judah loves the Very Berry ones}.  They have organic fruit and veggie purees in them and they are the perfect size for little hands.  Stonyfield also has some larger smoothies that my friends rave about but I know when I’ve given them to my kids in the past they were unable to finish the whole bottle.  They have no problem downing every last drop of these! :)

They were great to bring along to keep little bellies from growling and big voices yelling that they wanted to stop for {unhealthy} fast food.  This had the ability to tide us over until we could get home and I could make us a quick dinner.


Fernbank has three really cool dinosaur statues right outside the front doors.  The fountains were relaxing and we just kicked back for a few minutes before loading into our car for the long drive home.  Of course, both littles were asleep before we hit the interstate. :)

YoKidssMOOthie-LowFat-VeryBerry-3p1oz6pk_350x270As soon as we were home Judah said he wanted to visit ANOTHER dinosaur museum.

Where do you like to take your kids on excursions?

I received product for review and other compensation in exchange for this post.  Of course, my family lives off of yogurt and Stonyfield happens to be one of the brands I love and trust…so this is an easy and honest review of a lovely product.


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