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Family Game Night – Camp Out – No Gear Needed

I’m so excited because Judah is finally old enough to play board games!  I am a board game-a-holic.  I LOVE playing board games (it runs in my family!).   So, I am thrilled to finally have children of my own to play games with!

Judah is nearly 4, but if you’ve been down the board game aisle at the toy store, you know that there aren’t too many games that are suitable for his age.  And, its even more difficult to find games that he can enjoy AND the adults can enjoy.

That’s why I just had to share this game with you!  It is called Camp.  It is a trivia game with different levels so that each player can have questions suitable for his/her age and range of knowledge about wildlife, camping skills, and other outdoor trivia.  There are four levels – which means Judah can play at the easiest level (level 1) while my husband and I (and grammy and gramps or nana and granddaddy) can play level 3.  None of us are quite ready for level 4! LOL.

The goal is to make it all the way around the board and back to camp first.  There are a few snags along the way, though, to make it a little more difficult!

I love that the game is educational!  Each time we play, Judah (and I!) learn a few new facts about the great outdoors.  Judah loves the alone time with mommy and daddy. {We often play at night just after I put Eliana to bed.  So, Judah gets a little alone time with us and it really makes him feel special}.

Do you have Family Game Night?  It is a great way to spend a little quality time with your kiddos without having to leave the house – or spend a bunch of money.  And, your kids will remember this way more any way – they want your time.  I know some of my fondest {and funniest} memories of my own family growing up are centered around playing games and doing puzzles with one another.

Have Fun!

Camp Board Game is available for purchase at Amazon.com for $18.98

I received a review copy in exchange for this post.  This review is my honest and candid opinion.

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