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Crocktober is Here!

The temperatures are droppin’ so it’s time to get to Crockin’ 😉

With fall temperatures, football, and hectic school schedules everyone knows that the way to keep your sanity and have some delicious food is to dust off your Crockpot and dig out your Crockpot recipes.  Everyone I know is always lookin’ for one more terrific recipe that is easy and can be cooked in their Crockpot.  I mean, let’s face it…we are all freakin’ busy!

I use mine all the time for cooking roast, making whole BBQ chickens, cubed steak, and soups and stews galore like Santa Fe Soup & Lazy Mama Vegetable Soup.

Some of the non-conventional recipes I have are for vanilla blueberry oatmeal and making homemade chicken stock from leftover rotisserie chicken.  And my favorite, different recipe is from a friend called Moroccan Chicken.

Just this week I used mine to help celebrate Feast of Tabernacles with our friends.  We poured in cider and turned it on high (and then down to low when it reached the desired temperature).  The Crockpot kept the cider the perfect temperature and we provided mugs  to ladle it into along with some kettle corn for munchin’.

What’s the trick to our delicious apple cider?  {Shhh.  If this gets out it’ll be so embarassing its so easy!}.  I buy a really good quality organic apple cider – real 100% pressed apples (it looks cloudy and might have apple “bits” settled in the bottom) then I heat it.  That’s it!  I know, its crazy right?  Everyone always loves it!  It tastes like deliciously spiced apple cider when warmed – with nothing even added to it.

We had a blast and the Crockpot made the evening easy – which is exactly what you want when you are entertaining a boat load of people!

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  1. Any ideas for rice in a crock pot? I live alone so small batches is what I need. The food bank keeps me well supplied in rice.

    I have tried cooking rice on low in cooker but some rice was done & some wasn’t in the same batch. Then I made chicken soup, broth with rice & tomatoes.

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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