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Creation Craft with Judah

Each week Judah and I learn a new Bible story.  Its been fun teaching him about the scriptures and hearing how his little boy brain makes sense of them. (:

We usually do a project or two to help him understand the lesson and this was one I really had a great time with him doing so I wanted to share it with you.

Each page of the book tells about a different day in creation in Genesis 1.

The cover is made from a file folder.  I punched four holes in the spine of the file folder and each page of the book with a hole puncher and ran some yellow ribbon we had left over from some other project through the holes.  I tied them into bows to secure the pages.  I used card stock for all the book pages because I wanted it to last through multiple readings by a three year old. *Wink*

On the first page we glued half a sheet of yellow construction paper and half a sheet of black construction paper to the card stock.  I typed up each verse of the Days of Creation song to glue to the corresponding page to make the book have rhyme and repetition.  That way Judah can “read” along.  So the book is read in a sing-song voice. (:

On this page Judah water colored the card stock with homemade blue water color (water with a few drops of blue food coloring).  Once the paper dried we glued stretched out cotton balls to the page for clouds.

On Day Three, we finger painted the card stock with blue finger paints.  Once it dried we glued down a piece of crumpled brown paper bag down for the land and then I cut out a picture from Bible Story Printable Coloring Pages. Then, we used some stickers I had to embellish the water. (:

On Day Four, we used half a sheet of blue construction paper and half a sheet of black construction paper and glued it to the card stock.  Then, we used some yellow patterned scrapbook paper I had to make the sun, some aluminum foil from the kitchen for the moon, and some foil star stickers (like the old school ones you use on a reward/incentive chart).  Again, all junk I had lying around in my craft supply! (:

For Day Five we used some more scrap book paper scraps I had left in my supply room along with some animal  stickers I had from who knows when (probably when I was a kid!).

For Day Six, Judah stuck some animal stickers I recently bought at Walmart for a Noah’s ark project (there were several sheets so we had extra).  We also added a picture we had of our family.

On Day Seven, we just glued down the words.  I wasn’t sure how to convey rest.  I know it is boring!  But, hey, rest is a pretty boring topic for a three year old. HA!

We’ve been enjoying reading our book in the evenings and it is fun to see how quickly he memorized the verses.   We’ll be doing other fun projects like this.  Would you like to see them?

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  1. i like it. very creative. and good you are teaching our son about the bible.

  2. Jan Samuels says:

    I do a craft similar to this in my K4 classroom. On day 7; I take a photo of my students with their hands together (like praying) up against their cheeks, they then turn their head sideways and pretend to be asleep.
    Print and paste to Day 7 in each of their booklets : ).
    (Mommies love the personalization as well.)
    Denise your ideas will “perk” up my rendition!! Thanks.

  3. This is great! I’m going to use this idea in my Children’s Church class as we are studying Creation this unit!

  4. This idea is awesome….I am going to use it with my children whom I am homeschooling. What a wonderful and creative way for the kids to have the information solidified in their minds….thanks again for the post.

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