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Real Food Recipes for Real Families | Chicken Paprika

Chicken Paprika  REAL FOOD for REAL FAMILIES  From WholesomeMommy.com

This real food recipe has been around in my family since my mom used to make it for me.  It is simple, delicious, and a crowd pleaser. Southern home cookin’ at some of its finest.  This recipe needs no edits.  I made it exactly like my mama used to.  Okay, maybe there is ONE difference – now we BOTH know more about which real foods are important to buy organic these days.  To make this recipe “clean” I use humanely raised, vegetarian fed, antibiotic free chicken and organic sour cream.  No change to the flavor of this comfort food dish – only better for our body ingredients. :)


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  1. Catherine Brown says:

    Hey- this is even better when you use paprika paste. You have to order it, but trust me its worth it! In Hungary, that is the main way they use paprika (I only found the paste because I am half Hungarian, and my grandmother used it). Keep in fridge for freshness. Once you try it, you will never go back to powder 😉

  2. This was delicious! My husband LOVES paprika, so I will probably be making this every other week. The only thing I did different was use low fat plain yogurt instead of sour cream. Thanks for posting all these great recipes!

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