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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cereal Granola Bars

These chewy chocolate chip granola bars were a hit with my kiddos and my hubby! These granola bars are chewy, sticky, and crispy. They are VERY similar to the ones marketed to kids in the breakfast aisle – only without all the icky ingredients you can’t read! Whip these together in just a few minutes with honey, oats, and gluten free chocolate rice cereal and you’ll be the coolest mom around come snack time!

Chewy Cereal Granola Bars From WholesomeMommy.com

The other awesome thing about these granola bars is that you can totally change the add ins to your liking.  We actually made two batches this week: one with chocolate chips and another with dried cherries, slivered almonds, and a few chocolate chips.  Both batches were delicious and vanished in no time flat!

Crispy Cereal Granola Bars from WholesomeMommy.com

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