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Celebrating Dr. Seuss Day with Read Across America

Most of you know that I was a public school teacher for 10 years.  Dr. Seuss’ Birthday – also known as the National Read Across America Day is a day we celebrate reading in a super fun way by reading Dr. Seuss books, doing Dr. Seuss crafts, watching Dr. Seuss films, eating “Seuss” food like green eggs and ham, and even coming to school dressed as fun characters from all his wonderful books. Even though I am not going to be celebrating in the schools like in years past, I’m going to be having just as much fun {if not more so} celebrating it at home with my two little ones.

Celebrate Reading for Dr. Seuss' Birthday!

We’re planning some fun activities that I’ll be sharing here this week. So, be sure to check back for fun recipes, costume ideas, and lists of our favorite Dr. Seuss stories. To get the party started, I wanted share how you could get some books for your own children’s collections for a very cheap price to help you celebrate the festivities in your home.  At Walmart, regular priced Dr. Seuss beginner books will be on sale for $5 {regularly priced at $8.99} and the Dr. Seuss board books will be $3.50 {regularly priced at $4.99}.  This is a great opportunity to start a collection of classics for your little ones or to add to an existing collection.

Dr. Seuss books from WholesomeMommy.com

Dr. Seuss books are GREAT for read alouds because of the fun, rhyming and sing-song patterns of the language. Even very small children just beginning to have attention spans for read alouds will sit and listen to Dr. Seuss books and his fantastical rhymes and rhythms. Some of my children’s favorites have been Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks, and of course The Cat in the Hat. We have many other favorites but these show up for me to read often in the rotation. We are really excited to add the Happy Birthday to You! book this year – and just in time for my son’s fifth birthday. :)


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  1. Thanks for sharing! We have hop on pop from the library but will be adding to our collection. Great prices :) and we love dr Seuss!

  2. Paul Czekaj says:

    Hi, my name is Paul Czekaj singer/song writer. My friend Becky Mason who was my Daughters elementary school librarian asked me if I could write a song in celebration of “Read Across America” to share with her students. I wrote an original song called “Reading’s Lot’s of Fun” that features many Dr. Seuss books I remember reading as a child. I’ve been performing the song at the school for the children for the past fifteen years! They really like it a lot. It’s a very upbeat bouncy song. It has been enjoyed so much that I recorded the song and added a fun video to go along with it. Here’s the link to watch it. http://youtu.be/qM3ZL9d_wKc You can also watch “Reading’s Lot’s of Fun” and all my videos by going to youtube and typing in my name Paul Czekaj. The words to the song are below. I hope you enjoy it and share it with any child who loves to read.

    Paul Czekaj

    Reading’s Lot’s of Fun

    Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss, He makes reading lots of fun. Chorus.

    Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss, I don’t know what story is my favorite one.

    One of the stories that I laugh at, Is the one with the boy and his 500 hats.

    Or that sticky stuff that was a pain in the neck, Poor old Bartholomew and the oobleck. Chorus

    A flower growing out of your head is crazy. But it happened in the story of daisy-Head Mayzie

    Horton told the mayor to make noise until. The kangaroos heard them, so he saved Who-ville. Chorus

    The tongue twisting rhymes by socks in fox, Could never be repeated by old Mr. Knox.

    Horton sat on a egg on tree that bent, Cause an elephant’s faithful, One hundred percent. Chorus

    Thidwick the big hearted moose is the best. Cause a host above all must be nice to his guests.

    For breakfast if you what green eggs and ham.Your gonna have to see a guy named Sam I Am. Chorus

    Don’t know which story eeee…eeeeee Is my fav fav fav fav fav fav favorite one

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