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Rock Your Socks Off Homemade Ramen

Let me preface this recipe with this statement:  My son WILL NOT eat soup.  I could stand on my head, promise him the moon, bribe him with cold hard cash, a trip to the toy store… to no avail. He is like the character in the Dr. Seuss book who will not eat green eggs […]

Chicken Taco Soup

I made this soup for dinner the other night and my husband practically begged me to make it again…soon…more than once.   I make a soup that is similar – Santa Fe Soup {aka Taco Soup} – that has ground beef in it.  This recipe uses  a rotisserie chicken, making it healthy AND super quick to […]

Vegetable Beef ABC Soup

Eating organic/local, fresh ingredients is costly.  So, it is all the more reason to use every last bit and to get the most mileage out of said groceries.  For example, when I cook a roast I save the drippings/broth in containers and freeze it to use in another dish – like this soup.  I also […]

Chicken Chili Verde

Tonight’s dinner was a hit!  I made Chicken Chili Verde from Betty Crocker’s site. With a few small changes, I made it my own.  It took just 20 minutes to throw it together.  It was perfect for a cool Fall night like tonight.  I’ll definitely be tucking this recipe into my – need it in […]

Sweet Summer Corn Soup

Its summer time and that means fresh corn is in season!  I love fresh corn on the cob and you can believe I will be taking full advantage of all the great fresh, local corn!  In fact, I made my first corn dish this week with some local corn I was able to pick up […]

Meal Solution #11: Soup’s On!

This week’s Walmart Meal Solution is Minestrone Soup.  I haven’t yet tried Minestrone – although it has been in my recipe book and my list of to do’s forever.  But, I have two favorite soups that are very similar and are crowd pleasers.   But, first off, here are the ingredients you can score at Walmart.  […]

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

This soup is pretty healthy (MUCH healthier than chicken pot pie!) and is chock full of veggies!  And … DELICIOUS.  I served this soup to our bible study group and every one chowed down.  They loved it and every drop was gone!  Even the kiddos ate some of it (of course picking out their favorite […]

Meal Solution #8 Santa Fe Soup

So if you’ve been following here for a while you know that I am participating in a program to help Walmart spread the word that they are doing something new to help moms (and dads) find quick meal solutions for their families.   Each week they feature certain ingredients to grab and go so that you […]

Garbanzo Bean Soup

Real food doesn’t have to be difficult or fussy. This soup is proof. clean eating CAN be simple and frugal. Soups are a great way to stretch a protein and still get full. With the addition of beans {a second protein} and potatoes this soup is very filling. My husband loves it and I believe […]

Real Food for REAL Families: Chili Night

Real Food doesn’t have to be fancy or difficult. As a matter of fact, many of your family’s go to meals are probably real food already – with a few tweaks of the ingredients – like swapping milk for organic milk, or canned tomatoes for canned tomatoes in BPA free cans, or conventional beef for […]

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