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Blueberry Lime “Mock-a-Ritas”

Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?  It’s not too late!  There are lots of great Mexican food recipes that are quick family meals that everyone will love on a busy weeknight.  I’ve got lots of ideas here on WholesomeMommy. Need some ideas to wash down all that delicious Mexican Food?  I’ve got a crowd-pleasing recipe […]

Melt in Your Mouth Oven Baked Tacos and Strawberry Margaritas for Cinco De Mayo

Are you celebrating Cinco De Mayo? I’ve got awinning combo for you to make your guests (or your family) for this or any fun Mexican Themed dinner night.  These oven baked tacos are SOOO good, my family would eat them once a week…EVERY week!  We all LOVE them.  Once you try these oven baked tacos […]

Homemade Chocolate Syrup… SOOO Good!

I told you last week that I was searching for a replacement for my Hershey’s chocolate syrup.  It has High Fructose Corn Syrup … a deal breaker for my whole food pantry/fridge makeover.  I’m trying my best to find replacements for the last few bad guys hanging out in my fridge and pantry.  I’ve recently […]

Appliances for Tailgating that will Kick it Up a Notch!

Its football season and it is serious business here in Georgia.  The weather is just starting to cool off here so now it REALLY feels like football season to me.  Walmart has sent me some appliances to help out with tailgating – whether you enjoy football at the game or from your couch! Growing up […]

Recipe: Strawberry Lemonade

Its summer time and although I won’t claim that this drink will make the hot any less hot…I can say this Strawberry Lemonade will make it a bit more bearable.  Ok, maybe not more bearable, but perhaps you’ll forget how hot it is for just a few moments while you’re sippin’ this delicious concoction.  It […]

Blueberry Lemonade

Its summertime!  Or is it? You can’t call it officially summer until you’ve had a glass of sweet tea or lemonade while sitting on the porch.  At least that is how we do it here in the south. To beat the heat we’ve always got a glass of something cool in our hand and I’ve […]

Drink to Your Health With Blueberry Green Tea

Last week, I shared a recipe for one of Judah’s favorite ways to enjoy blueberries in a blueberry banana smoothie (link to post). This week I’m letting you in on a favorite of mine: blueberry green tea.  This healthy, delicious tea is made with fresh blueberry juice, where I control the ingredients.  I feed my […]

Blueberry Banana Smoothies

Judah and I are blending up a sweet treat over at the Georgia Blueberry website today.  This recipe is one of our new favorites so be sure to click here to get the recipe for our Blueberry Banana Dream. You’re going to want to whip up a batch of your own AND stash the recipe […]

New Years Eve Recipe – A Goodnight Kiss

I had to share this.  With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, I have the perfect recipe to share.  One tradition that everyone is aware of at New Year’s is that you are to kiss your sweet heart when the clock strikes midnight.  The other tradition is that you are to stuff yourself with […]

Cherry Limeade

It is so hot and keeping hydrated is important.  But, this mama gets bored with just plain water and we’ve kicked our soda habit.  So, what do I do to keep it interesting and fun?  You can bet I’ll have a pitcher of lemonade, limeade, or tea in the fridge.  But, even then it seems […]

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