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REAL Food, REAL Fast: Baked Veggie Nachos

I know what it is like to be CRAZY busy. I have two little ones at home all. the. time.  I am running a business from home, homeschooling my son, and trying to keep my house in working order.  I also have made eating REAL food a priority. People are often frightened by the though […]

Everybody needs some REAL FOOD “Healthy” Junk Food

If you’ve been going at trying to feed your family clean foods, REAL foods for very long, you know that sometimes you get a hankering for something BAD.  I don’t know what your “vice” is, but mine has many shapes and forms.  Sometimes I crave chips, other times its drive thru french fries {are you […]

Dill-icious Crunchy Garlic Pickles

I have come up with the perfect dill pickle.  So says me.  I like my pickles crunchy, garlicky, and of course with lots of dill pickle flavor.  Before I decided to kick all the bad ingredients out of my kitchen, like food dyes, I enjoyed a Mount Olive kosher dill pickle the best.  I just […]

Fruit Salad with Homemade Marshmallow Cream and Cream Cheese Dip

It’s time for another lunch inspiration!  Last week I shared a fun one: Teriyaki Chicken and Watermelon Sushi!  Sounds exotic, but its really simple, {utilizes leftovers…WIN!}, and the kids will love the fun presentation. This week I am sharing a sweet but healthy treat.  The inspiration for this dish came from one of my family’s […]

Moroccan Flatbread with Rockin’ Raisin Marinara

When I was faced with making a new appetizer recipe incorporating raisins I immediately thought of all the sweet foods I enjoy raisins in: cookies, pastries, pies, and charoseth.  But, I wanted something different.  My brain went to a Moroccan dish that a friend made for me once: Moroccan Chicken Stew.  I remembered this dish […]

Easy Authentic Homemade Salsa {From Your Pantry!}

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner.  Do you celebrate it?  Even if you don’t, I mean, who needs another excuse to eat tacos, right?! 😛 My family absolutely LOVES oven baked tacos.  Once you’ve tried them BAKED, you’ll never go back!  But, you know what goes great with tacos? Salsa. This recipe for […]

Hot Spinach Queso Dip

Have you got your game time menu together yet?  I have found the perfect combination. Perfect.  I love hot cheese dip – you know the old school recipe of Rotele and Velveeta.  Yep.  That one.  It is great. But, I think I’ve found a way to make it better…at least my family thinks so.  You […]

Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch

I’m happy to be joining the folks at Paradise Grove Avocados and several other fabulous foodie bloggers {Jenn from Frugal Upstate, Laura from Better in Bulk, Daria from Mom in Management, & Kelly from the Centsible Life} to discuss Super Bowl Fare!  We’ll be sharing lots of great recipes and tips for entertaining on January […]

Recipe: PB&J Crepes

Last week I was “watching” Food Network.  We leave it on that channel when no one is really watching T.V. around here!  Sometimes I’m half way listening and I’ll catch a recipe that really sounds good and my ears will perk up and I’ll take note.  That is what happened on this particular day.  Giada […]

Appliances for Tailgating that will Kick it Up a Notch!

Its football season and it is serious business here in Georgia.  The weather is just starting to cool off here so now it REALLY feels like football season to me.  Walmart has sent me some appliances to help out with tailgating – whether you enjoy football at the game or from your couch! Growing up […]

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