A Simple Planter Makes a Statement on a Neglected Front Porch

bhg 2

I’ve been planting, watering, weeding, and LEARNING my little heart {and hands, legs, and BACK} off already this spring.  But, most of my efforts have been centered on growing food with organic methods.  My poor ol’ front porch was bare and not very inviting.  I finally have everything finished up in the back and now [...]

Spring is Here!

photo 1

  Are you soaking up spring right now and getting ready for summer in your neck of the woods?  We’ve had nearly perfect weather for a couple of weeks now and we’ve managed to tackle a handful of outdoor chores already this year. First up, I planted some strawberry plants and blueberry bushes in the [...]

Upcycle: Change an Old Entertainment System into a Play Kitchen

play kitchen 1

My fantastic husband has been hard at work converting an old entertainment system into a play kitchen for our littles.  This old piece of furniture began its life as an entertainment system for my parents for many years.  Now, TVs are a lot different and so this entertainment system is out of date and no [...]

Closet Overhaul


I’ve been cleaning up a few trouble spots in my house lately {did you see my post on organizing my bathroom cabinets and the one on capturing my kids crafts supplies?}  My mom and I were brainstorming on what to tackle next and she told me she really had been wanting to clean up her [...]

Organizing Kids Craft Supplies – No Longer Out of Control!


My kids and I have amassed a large collection of art supplies.  Obviously, from the picture above you can see that our organizational system (ie: a basket and a box) was not working so well.  The craft supplies were taking over my laundry room, I was tripping over them, and my 1 year old thinks [...]

Winter Solutions for Dry Heat


To a lot of folks winter time means extra expense.  With cranking our heat up, losing that heat out drafty windows or doors, and problems that come with snow and/or ice, its easy to see where those hard earned dollars disappear to. With that said, “winterizing” your home usually means installing a programmable thermostat, updating [...]

Operation Organizing the Bathroom Cabinets


Hubby’s Bathroom Cabinet I’ve decided to tackle a major clutter zone in my home: the bathroom cabinets.  They are a jumbled mess and it is nearly impossible to find anything I need.  It is like going into the black hole. My Bathroom Cabinet & Drawers {WHOA!} After a good inventory and a short brainstorming session [...]

School is in Session: Pictures of my Classroom


I have been back in my second grade classroom for two weeks now and I have let you in on a few of the things I have been up to, like making these cool crate seats for the classroom.  But, I thought you might like to see the final photos of the finished classroom.  These [...]

Kid’s Bathroom Remodel


I promised to show you to kid’s bathroom remodel and I’ve finally gotten around to getting all the photos uploaded!  The first photos are the “BEFORE.”  It wasn’t too bad.  It just didn’t have a theme and it was really drab.  All the mismatched hand me downs found there way into this bathroom. It lacked [...]

Home Improvement – Bathroom Redo- Step #1


Walmart has a new website all about helping you make basic home improvement (DIY) projects simple, called Projects Made Simple.  They are providing step by step how-to videos (around 75 to 100 of them!) like painting an accent wall, installing a towel bar, and repairing a running toilet.  Accompanying each video is a product list [...]

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